The Gypsy method


Dear Kiran,

This is a meditation technique, a tool for training mind and perception which has been passed on from generation to generation in secret by French gypsies, and which we teach to all our students.

Looking at the coloured shapes (left) with crossed eyes puts the mind in an extremely alert state, balances hemispheric dominances and leads to highly unusual states of perception. While the gaze is resting motionless on the “Tables”, the mind can roam freely and gain introspective insights that our everyday consciousness can hardly ever access.

With this technique you can refine his sensory perception, consciously establish your hemispheric balance, and often enough clearly (and calmly) observe emerging content of the subconscious. A dramatic and lasting improvement of the eyesight is usual.

During the meditation the coloured shapes shown on the left (two rows of Tables arranged vertically) serve as an anchor for the eyes and the mind. The eyes look at the Tables in an unusual way: the right eye looks at the left row of Tables, the left one at the right row. In order to do this the eyes must be crossed slightly (a finger held up at half distance can serve as a “crutch”).

By looking at them with crossed eyes a third (virtual) row of Tables becomes visible between the original two. It is on this central row of Tables that the eyes are brought to rest during meditation. This central row will have a fuchsia color!

We have been experimenting a lot with those tables, and many of our students practice it every day. It increases the ability of working with radionics in an impressive way.

Best regards



Dear Kiran,

please find hereafter a copy of a mail from Angelika (she is also always logged-in during your seminars).

Apart from the fact that she enrols for our January  seminar in Starnberg, she writes that she is using the tables of Chartres, every day, and that since she started the exercise, she had a dramatic improvement of her eyesight…She can read her computer screen without using her glasses any more….

Just wanted to let you know.

Best regards


Bom dia Gabriele et Willy,

J’espère que vous allez bien, en tout cas je vois que vous mettez toutes les chances de votre côté. Je ferai mon possible pour participer à votre stage en janvier à Starnberg. Pourvu qu’il ne neige pas à l’aéroport de Nice.

Presque tous les jours, je fais le gypsy exercice. En vous écrivant je me rends compte que je lis à l’écran sans lunettes, ce qui n’était plus le cas, me semble-t-il. Par contre, mon regard incommode toujours certaines personnes. Pénible.

Les contributions de Willy au forum sont un plaisir pour moi. Pour l’instant je ne me sens pas encore capable de participer. Cela viendra.

J’aimerais acheter votre nouveau livre dès qu’il sortira.

Actuellement je cherche un endroit pour passer un DLE Noël avec mon mari. J’ai pensé à la Laponie et aux marchés de Noël en Alsace. What else?

A bientôt et beaucoup de bonheur.



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