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Beauty Is Whatever Gives Joy – Edna St. Vincent Millay

The quote sums it all up very well. Anything and everything that is beautiful becomes a source of joy and celebrations. It boosts your morale naturally. It is not something you can control or “manage” – it is a natural reflex reaction to beauty.

There’s another quote that has far reaching impact – Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder! As with words and visions, it is the perspective that makes all the difference. For the most part, beauty is subjective – the perception changes from person to person.

Beauty does not imply just a beautiful face or an apparently beautiful person. Beauty lies in more or less everything that exists in this world. Some people find antiques intriguing – the old art forms are a beauty for them. Some people find the natural landscapes absolutely breathtaking. A few like to look beyond the conventional rims to appreciate imperfections in everything there is! It exists everywhere – it is up to you to contemplate which appeals to you the most!
In most cases, your definition of beauty connects you with your personal likes and dislikes. It makes you aware of how you perceive the world and how you’d like to make a difference to it.

Moreover, it satisfies the natural hunger of humans – the hunger of beauty. The world around has become so bleak and gloomy that beauty serves as a small and easy escape from it.

Even science has proved it through formal research – beauty brings joy, satisfaction and a sense of well-being. Humans have an in-built problem – we mull in the past. We think, rethink and over think about what has been. We try to fix that which does not really have a solution. We want to be forever in control of everything that goes on around us. And in doing so, we often lose track of time, of the imminent realities and of ourselves.

Being able to appreciate beauty makes us mindful of our surroundings. It is a way of saying, “Yes, we are here right now!” It makes you aware of the moment you live in and of the beauty that surrounds you. It breaks through the clutter of gloom to give you light and hope. It is making you a bit more mindful of your surroundings.

This realization is inadvertently linked with a greater sense of health and wellness. You understand your realities – the good as well as the bad. Your body reacts accordingly. Keep in mind that these are not conscious decisions made by your body. Your subconscious is responsible for the flow of events.
At this point, think of this; it is the same way with visions. When you are out on a vacation and you come across the natural landscapes, it is the beauty which grasps you. The plush green forests, the rocky mountain ranges, the serenely moving water streams, the unleveled terrain, the colorful patches of flowers and the exotic species – all contribute towards the beauty of nature. We find it beautiful because we’ve come a long way away from the normal “natural” lifestyle!

While looking upon these wonders, one often reflects about the reality of life. Surely a lot of people out there would do the same if given the opportunity. There may be different vantage points but then again, that is the best part about nature and beauty – it is different for everyone! There are different points of views that are diverse but never contradictory!

Nature is dynamic – from the transformation of seed to a tree, from the birth of a baby to his/her maturity, from winter to summer, from glaciers to the seas and everything else that is involved. Change (continuous change to be more appropriate) is almost like a second name for nature. Stagnancy is never natural – it is what people have created for themselves!

Even with so much life and activity happening in the wild, it is much more peaceful than our lives. We worry about everything – the things that are happening as well as those that aren’t. Everyone has their fair share of trouble at every point in life. There is no moment absolutely free from material troubles – they are there with us all the time! Actually, this is what keeps the spark of life alive. Stagnancy, as mentioned previously, isn’t the neutral state for anything that can be defined as a living being!
How could something be so much at peace while there’s so much going on? That is beauty. It forces you to reflect on yourself, on your inner state. It helps you realize – connect – with the reality.

Beauty has survived through thick and thin. Most of human inventions damaged the natural beauty in considerable measures. It was a collateral damage most inventors were willing to accept. However, it has survived. Even during wars and after them, beauty survived because of its subjectivity rather than objectivity.

Beauty heals. It endures. It manipulates you in ways that are unquantifiable. It is one of those phenomena that are wholly inexplicable. The logic makes sense – so does the science. But there are some missing parts which will forever remain. You can feel it nevertheless!

Let’s try to explain it through modern theories of informational and energy medicine, as you’ll understand it better. Beauty alters your informational matrix by helping you realize what you’ve been missing. It is a way of gearing your body into action. It helps you distinguish between neutrality and stagnancy so you can plan the contingency accordingly.

The real problem lies in the fact that you get so caught up in the flow of life, you’ve got no time to reflect what is right or what isn’t. It is like your body’s self defense mechanism – if the onslaught is slow, subtle and unnoticeable, your body begins to associate it as the new normal. The new normal takes you significantly away from the real normal. It is a moment of realization – are you really headed the right way or are you simply trying to justify the wrong with illogical arguments?

So why doesn’t it help everyone? Why is it that some people experience a 360 degree change in their life while others take it as a simple vacation? Why don’t we see everyone turning spiritual after undertaking religious journeys? Why is there so much disparity?

Subjectivity has its drawbacks; but it isn’t the sole oppressor. Much of the disparity can be attributed to conditioning. The “system” we live in is robotic – cyclical. We don’t really know where it starts or ends. On top of that, we don’t even realize when we are “in”. Naturally, you need to distance yourself from it in order to fully understand how you’d get out. But most people don’t really have the time or energy to spend on such seemingly trivial tasks. People are eluded to believe they are happy and satisfied. Their core says the exact opposite. So the conflict begins to surface in numerous ways.

Beauty gives you a break from the monotony. It is up to you whether you’d like to make the most of it or return back to what you used to be! What do you think?

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