The Healing Power – Communication


The Healing Power – Communication

Before we can talk about how communication can help you heal your inner wounds, it is important to establish what is meant by communication. It is one of the most frequently used words that have lost their formal meaning. These days, we “communicate” without knowing the intricacies of communication – which explains why we often end up with broken hearts and misunderstandings instead of clarity or bonding.

Communication is a process which allows the transfer of information between two points (or parties) that are separated by space. This disqualifies your thoughts or your actions as part of communication because the information is essentially travelling seamlessly “within you” through nerve impulses. There’s no space between the “thought center” and the “action center”. So while it is easier to contemplate how the brain “communicates” with the rest of the body, it doesn’t follow the basic definition of the word!

The next thing you need to understand with respect to the art of communication is this; it does not necessarily have to be with words. Communication does not depend on any language. Actions or gestures can also serve the same purpose. It’s like understanding your pet’s needs – if it is getting agitated or restless, scratching the door or whining slightly, you know you can safely expect trouble. It doesn’t speak but its actions and gestures sufficiently convey the message. If you are not being attentive to these signals, well, you might have a lot of mess to clean up later on!

This brings us to another pivotal aspect of communication – the transfer of information is incomplete if the receiver does not register the message. There can be a host of reasons that contribute towards this problem. The receiver may be distracted for some reason or temporarily unavailable (as in mentally absent). For all you know, the message may not be clear or structured well which makes it difficult to register. Regardless of the reason, the communication or the transfer of information is considered incomplete if the receiver does not acknowledge it.

By acknowledgement, it does not necessarily imply the receiver has to react in a set manner. Nature enthusiasts would understand how communication occurs with apparently lifeless objects like plants. Some people believe plants do respond if you talk to them. These entities show visible signs when they are being neglected – the message is communicated. And when you tend to their needs, they become stronger, greener and appear lively. It takes time but it eventually shows!

Another important aspect of communication is getting the message across while preserving its context. The receiver should understand the message in the same way as it was delivered by the originator. If the message loses its meaning mid-way, the purpose of communication is lost. This is one of the primary reasons why misunderstandings happen – the message is misinterpreted, so it sounds evil instead of helpful.

It’s like your pet wanting to go outdoors for some personal business and you put down its food instead – mess is inevitable! Lack of understanding can create agitation and irritability in the originator, which further aggravates the situation down the line. It isn’t necessary to go into the intricate details of how and why misunderstandings happen or whose fault it is. Let’s just stick to the point – the message needs to remain the same in order to achieve the purpose of communication.

Communication may be one-way or two-way depending on the originator of the message and its receiver. It may be between two people, or it may be between your subconscious and the metaphysical beings present in this world. It is widely believed that dreams are also a form of communication from the world beyond the materialistic world we live in. In essence, the infinite messages you receive on a daily basis are a part of your communication channel.

So how does it help you heal? What is the relationship between communication and healing? It is actually at the core of all your healing powers!

Communication allows you to express your inner self. It helps you connect with people, with feelings and, at some point, with your Eigen. It is synonymous to information sharing – a concept which is well known to coincide with healing. The words, vision, rituals, beauty, music, symbols, prayers, purpose, color and emotions all have communication at the core, and this is what helps you heal.

When you express your inner self through communication, you let go of the negativities you’ve held on to. It helps you accept the reality and forgive yourself over the mistakes you’ve done. It clarifies matters and puts your conscience at ease. With the resolution of conflicts, it puts you on the road to healing. It bridges the gaps between people, allowing you to indulge in better relationships. It unclogs your Life Energy so you don’t feel isolated. Instead, you feel connected, alive and valuable. Communication brings a major change to your life if you know how to make use of this tool for greater gains.

According to a recent research conducted on improving the efficiency of nursing procedures, it was found that communication was pivotal to the patient’s recovery. There are more than one communication channels being used to communicate care to the patient. For instance, the nurse changes the patient daily, cares for the basic needs and provides medical attention. In cases like these, words in seclusion are not enough – complimentary methods of communication seem to augment the process in a positive manner.

So while medical practitioners these days are being given exclusive coaching about how to best communicate and connect with the patients, it only symbolizes how important communication can be in other relationships, particularly the one with yourself. No one can look into your brain to see how you think or act. That is one part of your existence that you have an exclusive right to. But if you are not being sensitive to the signs your mind, body and soul keeps emitting, nothing good can come out of it for sure!

Communication with yourself – with your Eigen – is what inculcates healing. It makes you realize the reality of your existence and appreciate the wonders of your life. It puts you in control of your affairs. It is nothing short of a blessing; being able to see who you are, and realize why you’ve been as you have! When you have your worldly affairs in order and the gateway of spirituality open, communication can help you experience what a very few have – liberation in its truest sense.

The body is capable of healing without external help. Your body knows how to fight intruders and how to reinstate the calm. It is the same with the soul except that it requires some conscious participation on your behalf to make it work.

The diseased soul does emit symptoms. You feel confused, depressed, burdened, or hopeless. These are all signs that your soul tries to communicate with you. These symptoms tend to indicate an underlying problem. It now depends on you how you decipher the message!

Communication inculcates healing. It identifies the problem and works to solve it. It instigates the healing process for the physical body as well as for the spirit. It connects you to the Eigen, altering the informational matrix to make you more aware of your realities, and helping you experience positive energies. It is all in the core!

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To sum it all, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind while approaching health and healing. Firstly, you need to catalyze the powers present within you. Everyone can benefit from healing powers; all you need to figure out is which power resonates with your inner self.

Secondly, all healing powers tend to influence your energies or your informational matrix or both. These powers help you realize yourself and connect with your core so that true healing can take place. Moreover, healing is subjective. You shouldn’t expect same or similar result from a particular healing power that someone else achieved! Your body responses might be very different from what others experienced.

Lastly, realization is the first step towards healing. So by merely recognizing the fact that you have a problem, you can instigate true healing within you! My technology helps you achieve these purposes more effectively and efficiently because it communicates directly with your subconscious self. It bypasses your material cognition to solve the root cause of the problem without making you conscious of the effect!

The outcomes are real, far reaching and abstract, helping you heal inside out! There are thousands of testimonials to support the fact that the bioresonance LaesEr system really and positively works. It just takes a short leap of faith to make you believe this is an investment worth making!

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