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Every human has four primary emotions and a million other emotions built around these with varying intensities and combinations (can also be referred to as secondary emotions for debates sake!). The primary ones include sadness, happiness, anger and fear. The augmented ones could be any of the other adjectives you use to define your state of mind at different times.

Every person is born with the ability to experience all these emotions according to the situations they are in. However, everyone cannot make use of these emotions for personal gains. For instance, there are quite a few people who express their emotions rather badly and brutally while others who wouldn’t share a word no matter how they feel on the inside. It is their unique manner of handling their emotions.

The ability to observe, manage, express and control emotions is cumulatively referred to as the emotional intelligence of a person. Theoreticians have come up with a series of surveys with evaluative codes to quantify a person’s ability to manage emotions. The EQ (Emotional Quotient) talks about how well or not a person can handle his/her emotions.

Contrary to popular belief, your emotional state does take a toll on your physical and mental health. When you are consistently in a state of fear, you might start hallucinating about the things you fear. A constant state of sadness can lead you to depression that may aggravate into suicidal tendencies. When you are heartbroken, you are actually at risk of developing cardiovascular problems because your thoughts are actually triggering several bodily reactions which place a burden on your heart. Your emotional state is intricately linked with your sense of health and well-being.

Surprisingly, people are not necessarily aware of their emotions. It usually happens in cases where people are reluctant to face the reality. A discrepancy between the anticipated reality and the apparent reality has the tendency to become a source of dissatisfaction and emotional pain. There are times when a person chooses to block it out of their systems in order to function normally. This is usually the beginning point of bigger problems.

The way you handle your emotional requirements plays a pivotal role in defining your health. If you are extremely vocal about it, you might feel a bit better but it might be accompanied with a sense of insecurity and lack of privacy. Being absolutely inexpressive, on the other hand, can lead to personality issues and a sense of being burdened – as though you are carrying a permanent source of weight with you!

Emotions need proper expressions in order to be relieved and become meaningful. These days, a lot of research is being made around this topic – how can emotions be expressed productively and how can people be trained to do so. Subjectivity kills the idea of this research though.

What is appropriate or inappropriate depends on personal inferences – there is no hard and fast rule to say what is to be considered as an appropriate way of expression! Naturally, there is no one way to transform your emotions into a source of healing for yourself! It works differently for everyone; you’ll need to figure out what will work for you in particular!

Emotions can help you heal. This usually means you need to let go of your psychological burden so that your body and spirit feels at ease. Emotions (particularly the negative emotions) can block your spiritual energy or chi-energy. This means that your connection with your core gets hampered. Naturally, you begin to experience substantial physical and mental problems.

For most people out there, pain is considered synonymous to weakness. Our culture and traditions have defined the word to be something resembling a crime or wrong – one simply cannot afford to feel weak or experience pain. Almost instinctively, a person going through emotional pain (for any personal or environmental reason) will try to block it out. The act is that of suppression instead of alleviation. They push the feelings into a far corner of the mind so that they do not have to register its existence!

Fortunately or unfortunately, this is not how your body works. Suppressed emotional pain becomes a source of other problems. The physical or mental problems that tend to develop over time are actually the symptoms of a problem at the emotional level. While people happily ignore the real problem and try to treat the symptoms, they don’t really attain the level of health and well-being they are looking for.

Your emotions help you heal when they are being expressed in the right manner. Now, seeing the subjectivity of the topic, it wouldn’t make sense to talk about what the “right manner” is or why is it the possible way towards complete fitness. It depends solely on you. For some people, raucous expressions might be the way out of this problem. For others, meditation or mediation might help. You’ll need to figure out your own trick here because it doesn’t work for everyone in the same way!

What should be mentioned here is this; suppressed emotions tend to distort your energy and informational matrix. Some people suppress their emotions so much that they no longer recognize it but their subconscious mind continues to struggle with these realities. It is an internal battle on a wholly different level.

Your subconscious struggles to make the problem known while you consciously or unconsciously try your level best to ignore it. No one likes to walk around with a baggage of emotional stress. The “apparently” easy way out is to ignore which doesn’t really end up so well in the long run!

The solution – let go! The first step towards healing is to understand that you have a problem. You need to acknowledge your emotional pain and embrace it. Let it be a moment of enlightenment – observe yourself and accept the scars you have. Come to terms with the facts and identify the false you’ve been clinging on to all this while. Without realization of the problem, there can be no solution!

Surprisingly, a major portion of your emotional pain (or more appropriately, emotional guilt) is comprised of the figments of your imagination. You feel bad about something you did which might actually not be so. Your mind tends to exaggerate the realities to make you feel even worse. You feel extremely guilty and wrong so you try to hide your emotions behind the veil of ignorance. It is primarily your mind’s play. When and if you master the game ever, you’ll understand the rules and how this works! You need to overcome it once in order to get the real picture!

Admitting an emotional turmoil isn’t an easy task. And it is definitely not painless. But when you encounter your guilt, it becomes easier for you to understand why things are not your fault or why you are not to be blamed! It is the first step towards healing.

The next thing you need to do is to let it all out. You need to find an expression for the way you feel but make sure you are not being careless about who you are sharing your core with. People do all sorts of things to get the negative energy out of their systems; they sing, talk, write, play music, construct stories and indulge in a lot of different activities to express their inner state.

When you let go of negative energies, you overcome the barriers to your Life Energy. Your Eigen becomes accessible, and you are able to transform your aura for the better. You are able to feel free and alive. Letting go of your negative emotions helps you get rid of negative energies. Consequently, the result works out in your favor.

With the Bioresonance LaesEr system, the process is engineered in the reverse order – not that it was wanted to be so but because that is the way it works. The Bioresonance phenomenon helps your body connect with the Eigen. It breaks the barriers put in place because of emotional pain, physical or mental problems or other day-to-day issues. It builds a positive and cohesive aura around you. The post-bioresonance environment helps you face the problems you have and eliminate them. It actually builds a safety net to support you through your vulnerable states.

Your emotions are powerful things; they can put you through a tough time and also help you heal. It is up to you to decide whether you’d like to benefit from the power of your emotions or fall prey to the natural trap!

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