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Music Has Healing Power. It Has The Ability To Take People Out Of Themselves For A Few Hours – Elton John

Music is defined as a form of expression. It makes use of different sounds (or a single sound) to create something magnificent. The aim is to appeal your hearing – whether it achieves it or not depends on your perception.

Everything that you hear is music of sorts. The sound of the splashing sea, the chirping birds, the winds, the occasional crackle of something breaking – all are part of the nature’s (copyrighted) music. All of these sounds have therapeutic effect on the mind. It is the neutral state for life – and it brings you closer to your core.


Music need not only be from a natural source; music emerging from mechanical sources like different instruments can also have phenomenal effects on you. Popular tunes like the Beethoven’s Symphony are purely mechanical and enjoy worldwide repute because they are considered universally pleasant. The music doesn’t have to be natural to be phenomenal!

Several renowned medical practitioners share the idea that music has therapeutic effects. In fact, several research studies have been published in which music is shown to help people relieve stress, overcome pain, and sustain better internal health altogether. The impact of music on patients in hospital environments has also been researched. There are a lot of studies pointing to the fact that music can actually help in hastening up the healing process.

Previously, music was known to have helped in accumulating masses and instilling the spirit of unity and common motives. The method has proved to be quite effective in communicating the message – to people and their subconscious selves. This is possibly one of the reasons why most revolutions and motives (on a massive scale) are backed by melodic rhythms. It gives the soul a reason to listen, understand, and believe.

Besides this, music is also known to help in alleviating emotional distress. It helps people in expressing their emotional states. The notes tend to reciprocate their emotions, thereby inculcating true healing.

About one in four individuals are stressed or clinically depressed. For the most part, people face a hard time determining who is depressed and who needs help. And even when the conditions are diagnosed, it is estimated that only about 40% of the patients ever receive their treatment. There are massive losses being incurred in the form of lost productivity, permanent handicap and permanent losses. The solution, as posed by relevant expert, is quite universal.

Admittedly, music therapy is not the only way such problems can be resolved. Yoga and meditation serve the purpose well. But one simply has to admit that the language of music is universal and its impact has a much more significant outreach than other forms of stress-relief.

With this kind of information at hand, imagine what people can do if they are given the right kind of guidance and support. It takes a little inspiration to turn around one’s life. Music can serve as the inspiration and help sustain better and happier individuals.

Nowadays, youll find that the music is almost always accompanied by lyrics – the words which make sense to your conscious mind while the tune connects with your subconscious self. It is an added benefit to the treatment – it can magnify the impact of the music.

Consider this for an example; did it ever occur to you that you were on your own listening to a particularly sad music and you ended up being in tears yourself? Or you were listening to something loud and raucous and ended up picking a fight with everyone who tried to converse with you? These are all examples of how music connects with your mood. In fact, this explains how music has the power to influence your emotions!

This us to the point; how does music help in healing? How does it achieve its purpose? There has been a lot of research in this field and it continues to be one of the most important considerations in the field of medicine – can music be considered as a reliable source of healing?

The answer is in the affirmative. The specific notes of music tend to connect with your core. They superimpose your inner frequencies to maximize outcome. This means it can bring out buried emotions and memories quite easily without interrogating you. The images begin formulating on their own.

Much like every other healing power, the effect of music therapy is pretty subjective. It depends on the recipient what s/he makes of it. It is not necessary for everyone to respond to a certain music piece in the same way. On top of this, it is not important for a particular person to respond to a particular tune in the same way all the time. The response is wholly subjective depending on the individual, the time, and the circumstances.

A person feeling vulnerable is more likely to connect readily with a sad piece of music rather than someone who has just won a lottery. Over a stretch of time, however, most people end up feeling the same way!

Here are a couple of anecdotes taken from the internet about how music plays a pivotal role in healing. The findings are absolutely astonishing! Music cannot just help people relax; it also serves as a medium which helps people connect – regardless of their ages or medical fitness. So here it goes!

In a hospital somewhere, there were a couple of infants fighting for their lives. They were placed in the incubators to mimic an environment that they know best. However, the sound of beeping emitted from machineries and medical equipment coupled with the hustle and bustle of nurses on the floor and a general state of panic that engulfed the parents and the caretakers alike was troublesome. Their heartbeats were erratic, inviting more panic on behalf of the nurses. The little ones evidently could not get to sleep. The panic was peeking – till she walked in!

Equipped with a harp and a hopeful smile, the lady began playing a soft and mellow tune to camouflage the panic. It was a sweet tune – the tune of hope, love, and trust. Slowly, the heartbeats became steadier and the mood lifted. As the children transcended into a peaceful sleep.

their statistics strengthened. The nurses and parents evidently took a breath of relaxation. The environment changed.

The infants definitely did not know what a harp is, why it was being played or who was playing it. The only thing they could connect to was the soft and soothing sound of the harp. It eased up their stressed nerves. It helped the little ones relax – just as it helped others around them take a sigh of relief. It isn’t something that your conscious mind needs to register in order to yield the desired results. In fact, it connects with your subconscious mind even before your conscious mind realizes it!

In another instance, music helped Alzheimer’s patients connect with their reality and with their fellow mates. A couple approached the facility where Alzheimer’s patients were cared for. They began playing one tune after another till they had successfully gained the attention of every patient present in the room. Those who could remember the lyrics joined in the chorus. Those who couldn’t nevertheless participated by clapping their hands. Popular tunes were picked – those that the aging seniors would definitely have heard during their youthful years. All of the patients were able to relate with the music – an evident symbol that music can bring out suppressed memories.

There are other similar real life stories which point towards the same thing – music heals. It helps you connect with your core – the part that you don’t even know exists! The whole process is seamless, perfect and unconscious. In return, the healing process is started.

The downside of this healing method (possibly) could be one – the effects are not very long lasting. The sensations would prevail for the period that the music is playing or possibly a little longer but you need to expose yourself to the music time and again in order to cherish the feeling of being connected. The effects wear off readily with time.

In the aforementioned scenario, the Alzheimer’s patients eventually fell back into their oblivion. They lost their connection – for some, it became evident as soon as the musicians left, and for a few others it took a little while longer. Nevertheless, their situations were reverted. This calls for continuous treatment.

Even though it comparatively much easier to do, it nevertheless does not offer a permanent solution to your distress – mainly because your body tends to get worried all the time about different things.

Unless you can ensure the problem-causing stimuli are limited, there is little chance you’ll be able to experience lasting results.

Some of our equipment also incorporates this wonder in the mode of treatment. Music is one of the most effective ways to connect with your informational matrix. When and if you decide to try using our bioresonance system, you’ll understand how it makes use of music and lights to inculcate healing.

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