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“I’ve Experienced Several Different Healing Methodologies Over The Years – Counseling, Self-Help Seminars, And I’ve Read A Lot – But None Of Them Will Work Unless You Really Want To Heal!” – Lindsay Wagner

Where do you want to be in about six years’ time? Where do you think you will be the same time next year? Do you have a plan or purpose for your life? If yes, then you most probably know what you need to do in order to achieve your goals. But if you have absolutely no idea about where you are headed, it is high time you started thinking about it!

A sense of purpose can make a lot of difference – from defining your way of life to helping to heal from your problems. It gives you a reason to survive – a goal to strive for! If you’ve got no purpose in life, “any road will lead you wherever you are headed”! It is no longer about getting somewhere; instead, it is about getting out of here!

There are quite a few cases here and there to substantiate the fact that a sense of purpose can help you defy the natural course of life. There are people who struggled to survive different irreversible illnesses just because they wanted to see something or because they had to be with someone. The nature eventually overcomes the patient but not without giving him/her a few extra hours or days to live. When you have a purpose to strive for, you believe in yourself. This eventually translates into your strength and healing.

The bottom line is your belief; the same which inculcates healing in the case of words, rituals, symbols and prayers. Your mind is an infinitely powerful thing. It holds a million mysteries of which we’ve hardly uncovered a few hundred. It is magical in its own sense. It works in surprising ways and does surprising things for you.

Even as an individual, you can’t really comprehend your mind. Everything that you think you know is in fact the figments of imagination your brain builds in the dark interiors of your head.

Your sensations and emotions are all essentially regulated by your mind. It would be surprising just how magnanimous the brain is when you try counting the million things it makes possible for you! You are not really the one who controls your mind – it controls you!

So how does purpose fit into the equation of healing? Is it real or is it your mischievous mind playing tricks again? Let’s say there is a possibility of both!

The sense of purpose usually translates into your belief. For instance, if you want to be proficient at a language in the next three months, you believe you can do it! Likewise; if you want to heal and get better, you believe you will! Your purpose becomes a part of your belief – something worth striving for!

For some people, their sense of purpose in life is pretty simple; growing up, entering the natural course of life and departing from this world as a kindred spirit who meant no harm. For others, their sense of purpose tends to be attached with more intrinsic elements like personal achievements, a sense of belonging, a sense of supremacy, fame and fortune and other elements that resonate with your personal goals. Whatever it may be; a purpose that gives you a reason to duel will help you succeed.

Purpose gives you direction. It tells you what you want to make of your life. People live in order to achieve something. They are present in the world as per the Divine Entity’s plan in order to fulfill a certain purpose. Without this distinction, everyone will have essentially the same life and there will be absolutely no reason to work hard!

What is the purpose of your life? Or more importantly, what have you decided to be the purpose of your life? It isn’t necessarily God-gifted; it doesn’t have to be a revelation from up above! It may be something you decide seeing the environment around you and the skills you’ve acquired through life. It may be something that interests you. You can determine your purpose in a number of ways but make sure it resonates with you. As it is popularly said, a job that interests you becomes more rewarding and a job that doesn’t fit your interest becomes more of a burden!

If you have a concrete purpose in life, it will help you defeat irrevocable diseases as well! As long as you have a reason to survive, you can turn the tides in your favor. Your purpose in life can

become a source of health and healing for you. All it takes is determination, self-discipline and a direction; for all you know you might become invincible!

If you talk about us, my husband and I feel that our purpose in life is to help people heal. It is simple, clear and directive. Moreover, it resonates with our inner self. If anything, it is this belief that has encouraged us throughout our life to achieve what we have today. When you are introducing a novel concept, it is not always easy to convert people into followers. In fact, criticism and ridicule is almost a natural reaction to something new and out of norm. But we had a vision for our life, a purpose that we were clear on and the motivation to get through all these years and to build acceptance for our bioresonance devices. It gives us the power and strength to stand our ground.

Now, when we are here on the other side of the horizon, we believe we’ve done pretty well. Our purpose helped us remain steadfast in our mission. It helped us heal from all the negative emotions and energies we were exposed to. In fact, it helped use transform this negativity into a positive aura around ourselves. It happens and it is real! We believe the energy and informational realm has a lot to do with the healing power of purpose. But that is a debate that does not really have a decisive answer at the moment. One thing is for sure; it definitely helps you heal!

Your purpose in life helps you direct all your energies (physical and spiritual) towards a common goal. It is intuitive – no one can dictate why you are here or what you should be doing. It should resonate with your inner self and be a source of satisfaction that stems from within. If your purpose is being dictated by someone or something other than yourself, you are not really doing it the right way.

These days, even science is beginning to accept how emotional and psychological aspects of your life have the ability to affect your health and help you heal. It goes without saying; if you are unhappy, nothing in the world has the ability to change this state unless you take control of your life.

For most people, finding a purpose in life or figuring out what makes you get up every morning is not easy. So you need to probe yourself time and again to understand what it is that your conscience demands. Priorities and purposes may change through life as you begin to contemplate the bigger picture. It is okay to feel lost sometimes but the key is to find a way again. Attach your purposes to intrinsic goals – it will not only make your feel good but also motivate you to achieve higher goals in life!

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