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Historically, particularly in Japanese culture, the importance of symbols in inculcating true healing and spiritual elevation is profound. There are numerous scripts emphasizing the use of symbols to heal the mental, physical and spiritual illness. We wouldn’t find many people practicing the art or science of symbols and healing in today’s world, it was nevertheless considered to be very effective previously.

The Reiki is considerably popular. It is believed to have originated in 1922 by a famous Buddhist. It is now considered as a pseudoscience based on its abstract nature. The art was modified and consequently adapted by a number of teachers and healing practitioners at the time. Several forms of Reiki exist even today though it is increasingly being lost to the conventional form of medicine.

This form of spiritual practice aims to focus your life force energy in a specific aura. This form of medicine is based on the idea that every being possesses some form of life force energy. This energy flows through the body and in the surroundings. Through Reiki, you can focus this energy onto a specific part, initiating the healing process.

The primary purpose of Reiki is to relieve stress so that you can relax. However, in addition to this, it also helps with the healing process. Naturally, when your body is at a state of peace with

itself, it tends to be more responsive to the treatments. Reiki establishes an internal sense of equilibrium – the balance needed to heal the body and the mind!

The symbols are a little intricate. The person hoping to find remedy will draw these symbols with the palm of the hand or with the fingers. Alternatively, the person may choose to visualize the symbols or pronounce them multiple times. All this while, the focus needs to be on the core and the intent of the activity should be clear. It requires unparalleled self-discipline to access your inner strength through Reiki.

There are quite a few symbols categorized as Reiki. Each symbol is known to have its own purpose and value. Although most of them are used to inculcate some kind of healing or stress-relief, it is nevertheless a tricky process. The symbols may be tricky to memorize; so it is best if you have the support and guidance of someone who has mastered this art.

There isn’t really any scientific evidence to support how healing though symbols work. Conventional science and medicine cannot explain how Reiki and other similar forms of medicine can possibly help in healing. The alternative medicine explains it as the power of belief. When you strongly believe you will receive peace and healing through a specific activity, you often end up with exactly the same!

The Reiki works for those who believe and discipline themselves to focus on what they want to achieve through it. It might not prove to be as effective for anyone willing to experiment just for fun. The real power of healing – in essence – stems from within you!

On the other hand, have you heard about healing pendants? They resemble the normal pendants when it comes to the shape, size and style. The only difference is the pattern made on these pendants. Some people have transformed the pendants into other pieces of jewelry as well – like bracelets, rings and others.

The healing pendants work the same way as symbols do. In fact, the healing pendants are symbolic of Reiki’s phenomenon. For the healing pendants to work, you need to have a belief that it will work. Even if your conscious mind has doubts about the effectiveness of random pieces of metals, your subconscious should be absolutely clear about it. This belief transforms into energy and power for the healing pendant to work.

Typically, healing patterns are systematic geometrical patterns with evident lines of symmetries. There is a center of the pattern – where all geometrical symmetries meet. It is believed that this is the point of the pendant where energies are absorbed and manipulated.

When you wear a healing pendant, you place your trust in it. The pendant remains close to your body. It alters the aura surrounding you in a way that amplifies the positive energies and reduces the negative ones. In a way, the healing pendant reaches out to your energy and information matrix to manipulate your state of health and well-being.

As your energy and informational matrix undergoes transformation, you begin to feel and think better. The transition is quite slow – it doesn’t become evident from the first day. As with all other forms of alternative medicine, it takes time – typically more than other forms of treatment. It nevertheless yields the desired results.

Some healing pendants and bracelets make use of magnetic properties as well. It aims to reach out to your biomagnetic field. On the whole, the healing pendant regulates your physical and immaterial dimensions of existence to inculcate a holistic sense of health and well-being. What seems to be magical is in fact pretty logical if you believe in the power of information and energy.

Jewelry just found another meaning – it helps you remain fitter and healthier. There are quite a few variations that are known to help with specific medical conditions or are known to serve specific purposes. For instance, the quartz crystal is known for its healing properties as well. The condition with this form of treatment is that the crystal needs to resonate with your body’s frequencies. The same can be said about precious stones as well. If a match is found, the crystals or stones can work wonders for you (apparently)!

Part of the healing effect stems from your belief; the rest is attributable to the natural impact of crystals and stones. The healing power of these symbols is indisputable; there are quite a few testimonials that support the fact that symbols can regulate healing energies. Whether it will work out for you or not; it is a mystery that can be solved by none other than yourself! The result is subjective – it may or may not work out for you! This is how alternative (or abstract) medicine works!

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