The Healing Power – Vision


The Healing Power – Vision

The wise people say, “A picture is worth a thousand words!” You can naturally imagine how effective visions can be, knowing the impact of words on your spiritual self. For the most part, visions are more dynamic, vibrant and memorable. The average human mind retains images more effectively than it remembers the words. So your visions can have a prolonged impact on your health and well being.

Anything and everything that you see comprises of your visions. Often people tend to get bored of stagnation. If they are going through the same routine day after day and looking at the same things, your body begins to signal saturation. This is the point where your mind can no longer process anything new or extraordinary. It begins to inhibit the creative thinking process. In essence, it loses connection with the core because nothing “ignites” the relationship.

On the other hand, when you go out and about, experiencing new surroundings and sights, the situation is infinitely different. Your mind begins to process the new input. It heals and rejuvenates the body and the mind. It connects you with “out of this world” experiences in full splendor and exuberance. It allows you to connect with that which you had been missing.

Keep in mind that for the human, stagnation is nothing short of a disease. The biggest problem for the human is an endless quest for change and achievement. The journey from the naïve childhood to a wise adult is a never ending evolution. The human can only have as much experiences as the lifetime permits. But in the quest of knowledge and learning, people often end up experiencing others’ lives through words and exchanges!

In a similar way, the change of vision keeps the soul alive. It brings in the new and unknown which acts as the activation for the soul. Anything out of the ordinary brings you closer to yourself. The key to human living is in the unconventional rather than the traditional (or cyclical) self.

This is one reason why you’d see travelers having an extremely different point of view on several different things. For the most part, they do not think within the confined boundaries of limited vision. For them, sky is the limit! They are continuously being exposed to different possibilities with every unique sight. Their informational realm is more dynamic and developed. So they are naturally more aware of themselves and their realities.

Can the same be said for the frequent travelers? How about those for whom change of vision has become a norm? Well, a more appropriate answer for this would be – it depends on the individual. As long as your body and mind perceives something as out of the ordinary, it reacts to the stimulus. But when it begins to associate something as a natural state for the body or the mind, it stops responding to it.

Consistent innovation serves as the source of energy for your spiritual self. As most people regard it, stagnancy kills the essence of life. Life is synonymous to change!

So how does vision help in the healing process? The answer to this question is actually not simple. It has a lot to do with your personal preferences and aesthetics. Let’s begin with a simple phenomenon. For a vast majority of people, nature offers an absolutely priceless way of relieving stress. The mere sight of the sea or the extensive stretch of dense forests offers an instant awareness of reality. It changes the perception. You feel real – more vibrant than ever!

Such sights actually resonate with your inner frequencies. It synchronizes with your body’s self healing mechanism. It reinforces the healing process in a way that makes its influence felt immediately. It doesn’t mean the visions are capable of reviving your body’s healing processes from the dead; it merely implies it hastens the process so you begin to feel active and lively!

This can be one of the major reasons why most “healers” (traditional and alternative medicine practitioners alike) suggest a change of environment to inculcate the healing process for a wide number of patients. This does not only change the external environment for the patient but also changes the internal aspect of treatment. When you are out there experiencing foreign sights and sounds, your brain is too busy processing these and memorizing these incidents. There is little time for wallowing in self-pity. The entire focus of your body, mind and soul is towards healing and towards the change.

They don’t send you on a vacation every time you fall ill because there is a system that needs to run in order to keep the participants alive. This would include your educational system as well as the economic system. However, system is as system does – it creates monotony. This, in turn, creates illness of the mind and consequently the body. To break from this vicious cycle, you need to find sustenance that does not demand you to remain locked up within certain confinements.

Do you remember how it used to be during your childhood? When there seemed to be practically no limits at all? Anything and everything seemed possible because you believed it to be so! Much of that hasn’t changed – you have! If you can turn back to the world of unexplored unlimited opportunities, you’ll be able to connect with yourself and disconnect with the negativity posed by this world.

Visions can bring about physical, mental and emotional healing. But it is all about the perspective – the vantage point. The same scenery doesn’t affect two people in the same way. The same colors don’t appeal to different people in the same way. The same can be said about different combinations of colors and shades. In the end, it all boils down to you!

As stressed previously, every diseased body is unique. While the apparent symptoms of different people’s conditions may be somewhat similar, their underlying causes may be different. In order to inculcate true healing, the healer needs to focus on the root cause rather than the elimination of symptoms. Because as long as the real problem remains unsolved, the symptoms will keep reappearing from time to time!


A ritual is defined as a string of activities involving gestures, words or movements performed in a certain sequence in accordance with religious practices. All religions have different rituals. For the most part, you wouldn’t find two religions sharing the same sequence of events. It serves as a primary distinguishing factor between different religious practices.

How is it then that most rituals achieve more or less the same kind of spiritual elevation? The people receive the same kind of mental peace and satisfaction while acting out different rituals. In this case a lot can be attributed to personal beliefs. For the most part, it is your beliefs that govern the outcome of your actions.




It is a human instinct; the body, mind and soul likes everything that is natural. The closer you are to nature, the healthier you tend to be. This does not only include the visions but also the sights, sounds and foods. In fact, the concept of organic foods has come about to bring people closer to their roots. The closer to nature, the happier and healthier your life will be!

It is when you deviate from the natural course that you fall prey to all kinds of problems. Try looking at the kind of foods you eat – ranging from chemically preserved foods to frozen items. Do you think it is natural for anyone to consume food from the previous century? The natural process says the food disintegrates into inconsumable pieces. But we’d rather preserve it by using chemicals and other artificial methods rather than hunting the fresh produce! And then we worry how our upcoming generations are naturally prone to illness!

It is the same way when we try to satisfy our needs with artificial “preserved” forms of entertainment. The artificial system of the economy is actually the breeding ground of problems. It offers a material solution to your time. It offers you an illusion of achievement. In reality, you become more troubled – both on the outside as well as on the inside.

Rituals are in place to connect you with your core. In several religions, yoga is considered as a mental, physical and spiritual endeavor to transform the body and mind. The specific poses that you make during yoga concentrate your energy and focus on such dimensions that resonate with your healing mechanism. People who truly believe in the miraculous effects of yoga have much to gain from it. As mentioned previously, it stems from within you!

For the most part, people don’t realize how things work. How could possibly holding your fingers in a specific position help in relieving pain? How could the Inergetix CoRe System possibly help you improve your physical and mental state? How could principles like resonance and frequencies explain your healing processes? For a great many hows and whys, answers are yet to be discovered. But what we know is this; if you have a sequence of actions and an unwavering belief that these actions will provide you solace, you will continue to find it time and again as you chose to indulge in it!

Rituals are more like alternative medicine. They help improve the flow of energies and information within you to communicate a sense of well-being. The message is understood by your Eigen, which initiates the healing process. If your bits and pieces are falling together, you’ve achieved what many of those before you have died trying!

The whole world as we know it comprises of intricate interactions between different energies and informational matrices. Imagine what it would have been like if we couldn’t differentiate between sand and water? We might actually have been able to walk the same way on either surface. But it is because our mind is capable of distinguishing between the two that our senses differ accordingly.

It is also true that a great many people have perfected a different opinion. Their spiritual elevation allows them to perform actions out of the ordinary. Deep down, it is their belief that makes it all

possible. More or less the same way, healing through rituals is governed by beliefs. If you believe a certain act will help you succeed – and you believe so very strongly – it will eventually get you there!

When it comes to rituals and healing, it is impossible to ignore the effects of meditation. People and practitioners seem to have different views about what it truly is. However, there isn’t much disagreement about its final outcomes.

Meditation is a way of clearing the mind and focusing the energies towards an objective. Some people say it is about silencing the million thoughts in your mind in order to gain inner peace. Some are of the opinion that meditation helps in breaking the internal silence buried beneath the hundred million thoughts a person has every day. Whichever way you look at it, there is one thing which remains common; it gets you closer to your “self”.

Through the years, meditation has emerged as an unparalleled healing method. The role of meditation in relieving stress and fatigue is very well known. When your body is not exhausting itself trying to focus on several different things at the same time, it is bound to feel more relaxed and at peace. Consequently, it feels happier, positive and hopeful.

Meditation helps you focus your energy towards yourself – it blocks out the million unnecessary worries you’ve nurtured over time. This helps in blocking out the stress-building elements in your body. Without the burden of unnecessary troubles weighing down on your mood, happiness is logically the right consequence.

When your body is at peace with itself, it is closer to its natural (neutral) state. This also happens to be the time when you are most in sync with your Eigen. Most people who have “been there and done that” witness an eerie sense of connectedness. Obviously, when there aren’t a million things to distract you from your purpose, you’d naturally feel more aligned.

But this is not all! Meditation does not only make you aware of yourself and your realities; it also plays a role in helping you heal. It resonates with your body’s self-healing mechanism to put holistic healing in place. Many people have observed significant improvements in their medical conditions with consistent meditation. It doesn’t demand your hard earned finances; it only asks for your time!

There are several other rituals being practiced by people. As a matter of fact, all of them do not really have their roots in religion. Quite a few rituals are built around the idea of inculcating a sense of health and well-being. The strength of such rituals lies in people’s beliefs and their ability to focus. When you are out there activity searching for peace and tranquility, it is exactly what you’ll find!

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