The Healing Powers


Healing Is A Matter Of Time, But It Is Sometimes Also A Matter Of Opportunity Hippocrates

For the most part, true healing stems from within. It is not possible to attain the ultimate if it doesnt agree with your core. As the wise people say, you are only as happy as you make yourself believe. If you wallow in self pity, you are least likely to come across a picturesque sketch of yourself! To experience a major change, you need to be the change agent in the first place.


Do you know that your body has an intuitive self healing mechanism? Whenever your body recognizes a threat, it automatically grounds into action in order to counter it. Take the example of an infection; it is often accompanied by fever and lethargy. Your body tries to inhibit activity while redirecting all its energy towards the immunity function. It responds to the problem in a reactive manner.

In most cases, your body is capable of identifying a threat. Nevertheless, in some others, it is not that easy. The disease creeps up slowly and steadily so much so that your body starts associating it with your bodys neutral state. It is only when the problem has aggravated significantly that it raises an alarm!

The solution to most health and lifestyle problems lies within you. At times, all that is needed is an energy or source which reciprocates with your inner healing mechanism in order to amplify the output. These change initiators can be anything words, vision, rituals, beauty, music, symbols, prayers, purpose, color, emotion, a form of communication or anything that instigates the process.

Here well talk about each of these elements and the ways in which they help you attain your health-oriented goals. In other words, these are alternative ways to get where Ingertix CoRe system leads you.


The written word holds deep insight. For the most part, words have an abstract nature. It depends on the reader how you interpret it or how you integrate it into your life. For some people, Inergetix may appear to be gibberish the creation of a misguided mind. For some others particularly those who have witnessed the outcome of this revolutionary mechanism the perception may be quite different. Even without having used the product and simply by reading the material youve been provided with, your mind creates judgments. These judgments go a long way in contributing towards your health and healing.

Everyone does not enjoy the same words in the same manner. For some people, reading is a fun activity that helps them relieve stress. For others, it is a hectic job that is a source of stress. Every person is different unique! Similarly, everyone does not understand the words in the same manner.

For the most part, it does not matter how the writer has phrased the prospect or what s/he has tried to deliver through the written word. It depends on the reader what does s/he make of it!

Does the written word come off as a polite reflection of intelligence? Or does it symbolize anger and frustration? Moreover, is the reader able to understand the purpose of the written word?

If it has ever occurred to you, youd realize how the meanings change with time. If there is any particular book that you read as a child and if youve come across the same book again, youd decode the words in an absolutely different manner. The word doesnt change; the perception does!

So why is it that when you read the same word in different emotions, the words seem to have a different impact on you? If you are utterly depressed, youd find certain books to hold immense value in terms of spiritual clarity and solace. However, at other times, you might even end up questioning the logic behind the same words! What do you think makes all the difference?

The reason is this; the words you read connect you with your Eigen. In some cases, the effect is more profound than others. For instance, if you talk about religious texts, they speak to you in a different way every time! Most people have witnessed how the words communicate with them. At times, they transcend beyond the apparent into the core which illuminates them like no other. The wise people rightly say; there is no end to learning because the words will always offer a different insight every time you turn towards them!

When you read out the words aloud, there are a lot of things in play. It is no longer about the written word only; it is about the transformation of those words into sounds. That is another way of connecting to the Eigen. More about it will be covered in due time.

The written word isnt as simple as it apparently looks. It is an eternal existence. The authors have been long eliminated; what remain of them are their words. The words will survive through thick and thin till their theories or knowledge has been regarded as obsolete.

How do words connect with your Eigen? It is actually simple; whatever you read becomes a part of your informational realm. It introduces you to new possibilities and insights. It connects with your spirituality in some way. If it is synchronized with your bodys needs, the impact of these words is outstanding. If not, the magic is lost to mismatched frequencies.

It is a well established fact; your existence is held together by spiritual energies. It is your soul which keeps your body intact. Without your soul, your body would turn into dust and be lost to the physical world. This automatically implies that in order to sustain your soul, you need access to spiritual energies. The source of these energies may be physical or metaphysical. Words are one of them.

The drawback about this aspect of healing is this; if it resonates with the mind and body, its influence is felt. However, if it doesnt, the potential benefits of the words in terms of healing effects are lost. It is important for your body to be able to recognize and decode the words. It has to pass through the physical reality in order to influence your spiritual and metaphysical existence. When and if the healing process is initiated at this end, it contributes towards the overall health and fitness of the body, mind and the soul.

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