The mathematical dimension of the CoRe system


Dear All

this new category will be dedicated to researching the mathematical aspects of the CoRe system and

I am very fortunate to having attracted the interest of two very special Professors of Mathematics

1.Prof Lucian Imiones who is Associate Professor, Illinois State University for mathematics and computer science

2. Mark Friedman Prof. of  Mathematics at the University of Alabama


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  1. Gentlepeople,

    Professor Lucian Miti Ionescu wrote an excellent book “Digital World Theory” (ISBN 973-7744-39-x).

    Lucian is a scholar who makes complex concepts easier to understand. His book is about the equivalence of quantum interactions and quantum communications. I believe it not only endorses DLE and Informational Medicine but his book describes the whole of creation.

    I recommend it to anybody interested in space, time and the creation of all that is. This book will capture your imagination and explain many of the questions about life we contemplate during our peaceful and quiet times.

    An interesting way to read this book is to substitute “The Divine Mind” for “Quantum Information” wherever it appears. You may also assume I think they are the same thing.

    Thank you professor!