The need for a theoretical model


First I want to welcome Mark and say that I am very pleased and proud that a  scientist of his caliber is interested in what we are doing. He is Prof. of  Mathematics at the University of Alabama
I have seen his curriculum vitae and he might be the right person to put all  this new science in the language of Math and I will soon start here to publish  my talk with him and Lucian also Math professor

MARK (M) is saying :
M: In order to “diagnose” a problem, one needs to have a theoretical model of  how human organism functions.

K: I dont think so because this starts out with the assumption that disease come  from the organism functions and I say this is like checking in a Computer  hardware for software bugs.

M: “diagnose” is useful if one can connect it to “a treatment” =  “solution of the problem”.

K: I agree completely and this is why all my work is directed at giving options  for Solutions and not ABOUT FINDING PROBLEMS this very attempt creates more  problems than it solves (Law of Attraction)

M: My understanding is that CoRe only matches a “problem” to “a  solution”, which does not require any theoretical model. Is this correct or not?

K: Yes this is correct and all practical people know that you can work without  most theoretical models and CoRe is an great example for that.

M: An alternative approach would be to look for a “cause” or a “root  cause” of the “problem”, and then treat the “root cause”. And of course the  notion of the “cause” or “root cause” would depend on one’s theoretical model  of dynamics of development of a disease in human organism.

K: Not only that the cause that you find as you say depends on your model but  more importantly the very idea of ONE or a limited number of CAUSES is limiting  your results as it is based on a LINEAR or QUASI-LINEAR approach of seeing  connections and as all holistic practitioners know more or less we are connected  with everything and herefore also influenced by everything.

TO understand this needs true network thinking which is the work of the right brain or a mechanism like the CoRe uses ….. and results of course will always look like “random” to the left brain and despite the fact that we thought we are
so open minded…. in this respect most are in the situation like in 1895 where somebody had to walk in front of the first automobile in the city where I was born Stuttgart because the administation was sure it was too dangerous to drive
without horses at a neck breaking speed of 10 miles per hour;

this is the situation we are in with CoRe…. for some it raise a RED FLAG and others KNOW it will transport us to new shores very soon.



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  1. Marla Wilson on

    One of the cool things about the CoRe and this system I relearned from my son Morgan, He is a high school student studying Improvisation theatre and circus – at Idyllwild Arts academy. In improv it is all about “allowing” and being “open to every offer” – which means you follow the road or in the case of improv you journey to where the other actor points and while you are there you explore with your full intention and imagination. I think that science has to do this to really evolve a theory (W. Reich did that too allowing the evolution of a theory before making a conclusion)- With the CoRe your “head” may get in the way and you may want to jump on a conclusion but instead take the journey don’t aim for a punch line instead allow the”story to evolve on it’s own.