The Science and Philosophy of Health and Healing


How do you define health? What, in your view, is healing? There are a lot of ways to approach these topics. It all depends on your vantage point; how are you looking up to the topics?

For the most part, health is a relative term. For some, the mere absence of diseases and medical problems is equivalent to health. Some people attach longevity with health. For some people, not knowing about the problems that one has is symbolic of health and fitness. There is no absolute definition for the term. It merely signifies “well-being” which may have different definitions for different people.

According to science, health is the physical aspect of your being. It encompasses all areas of fitness. For instance, if you do not have any particular medical conditions, do not face any problems with your day-to-day activities, do not have any apparent symptoms of problems and can survive without medical help, you are one of the very few lucky people on the face of this earth who are perfectly healthy!


However, everyone is not as blessed as the ideal condition mentioned in the previous paragraph. People fall ill often ranging from minor diseases to major ones. The incidence of lethal diseases is not really uncommon. This is a reality of life that one cannot deny – come what may!

Most of the problems stem from your lifestyle choices. Whatever you consume orally becomes a part of your body and hence affects your health. And whatever you think or aspire becomes a part of your mental sphere and hence alters your mindset. Nowadays depression and stress is pretty popular in masses irrespective of gender differences, age groups and all other demographic factors. The primary reason lies is what you are feeding your brain!

Take this for an example; a person who does not have even the basic necessities of life is stressed (and for a good reason), but it is the same case with someone who has been endowed with every luxury one can think of! This is where your “health” is no longer dependent on physical variants. More so, it is now dependent on your mental variants which define how you perceive the world around you.

This has paved the way for other important discussions. For instance; why do people fall ill? Can it be controlled? How can you inculcate holistic healing in yourself or any other diseased body that you know? It is necessarily a one way process or is there something you as a patient need to do about it too?

If there is one answer to all these questions in a single sentence, it would be this; it all depends on you. Health and healing stems from within you! Even though the traditional science of healing puts an exclusive emphasis on drugs and medicines, the modern approach emphasizes on the importance of having the right mindset and direction.

Here is an interesting observation from life; equalization is at the core of all our worldly interactions. There are two polarities to almost everything there is in life. If these were to be simplified it, there would be two “extremes”. Either something is, or it isn’t. There are two ends of the spectrum with a million variations in the middle. But these variations are primarily made from the two farthest ends!

Life is all about maintaining a position in the middle of these extremes. Any time you get an extremist approach, it puts you at a disadvantage of some sort. For instance, if you are consistently sweating in the sun, you usually end up getting sun burnt. But when it is done in moderation, the experts say your skin creates and activates Vitamin D in your body. The other extreme – having no sunlight at all – might give rise to a Vitamin deficiency which will yield symptoms in several different ways. This is how life works.

Another popular example that you would be able to relate to if you have been scuba-diving lately; it is all about maintaining a certain level of buoyancy in water. If there is too much weight and there is absolutely no effort being made to counter it, you will naturally sink to the very bottom of the sea. Alternatively, if you are using air bags, you would rarely be able to sink in to wet your head. It needs to be well-balanced for you to be able to witness the sea life in complete splendor! It is much more beautiful in the middle than it is at either extreme!

There are two extremes to your outlook on life as well. Some people like to believe that everything that happens in their vicinity is crafted by a “Supreme Being”. This puts their situation out of their circle of control. They rely on cultural values, traditions and religious references to guide them through their journey of life. Such people are known to have an intrinsic personality because they do not associate their potential with their conditions. In contrast to this, they believe in things like “faith”, “fate”, “luck”, “destiny”, and so on and so forth. Consequently, their beliefs are highly influenced by “third parties”.

And then there are those who head out to make a difference. They feel in control of themselves and everything else that is associated with them. As some people would call them; they are the doers! They believe their pathway through life depends on nothing but themselves. They totally disregard the idea of having a “Supreme Being” who controls everything around; their life and their choices are none but their own. Such people are known to have extrinsic personalities because they do not let things happen on their own; they make things happen the way they want to!

These are two extremes. And if you look at it this way, you’ll see it gives rise to several other extremities. For instance, one would believe heavily in spirituality while the other would be farthest from it. The former believes in everything else while the latter believes solely in self. Their behaviors, attitudes, mindsets and personalities would depict contrast of the highest level. Who do you think would be right or wrong?

The answer is; none actually. Both of them are true in their own realm and false in other’s. The general rule of thumb says you’re better off if you are in the middle of the spectrum. So you can enjoy the benefits of both!

Keeping jokes aside, the theory of equalization says you need to maintain a balance between the two polarities (extremes) to contemplate life in its truest sense. This is what keeps you afloat. In the scuba diving example, there is another form of balance that makes it a refreshing experience for you.

Just as you need to manage the upward and downward pull on your body to remain afloat and experience true weightlessness, you need to create a balance between your body’s internal aspects and the external environment. The pressure exerted by water on your body is immense. The reason it doesn’t crush you is because there is an equal and opposite force being exerted by your body. There has to be equilibrium to experience the brighter side of life.

If you are moving towards a preferred polarity, you end up missing out on the benefits of equalization or equilibrium. This applies to health and healing as well. Nobody really finds the negative polarity anywhere likeable. In fact, you’d most probably incline towards the positive polarity (or try doing so). But it is actually the lack of achieving the equilibrium which actually puts you at either end of the spectrum. This is where diseases are born.

So if you are looking for holistic health, the best way to approach it is by attaining Dynamic Labile Equilibrium. “Dynamic” is what keeps life going; perfect equilibrium is what defines the death.

(Adapted from To simplify things, the broad category of health can be divided into four headings. Here are the four aspects of health that contribute towards your wholesome well-being.


Physical Health

It is the most basic phenomenon when it comes to health and fitness. It is also regarded as the “structural level” of well-being. It begins with your basic physical structure. The way your bones and tissues work in coordination to enable your daily activities fall under this category. How your body pumps blood, carries nutrients and enables your body to survive in its cyclical routine comes under this heading.

It is the most basic level of health and healing – and often the only one which catches your attention. You visit the doctor when you feel something is evidently wrong with your physical health. It is the first step towards healing and often the easiest one there. It gets difficult as you turn towards other aspects of your health. However, it is a combination of all four aspects that inculcate true healing in you.

There were quite a few instances where people approached CoRe with evident forms of physical problems. For instance, some people had acute allergies, a few others were prone to minor illnesses, and then there were few instances in which people were facing problems adjusting with their surgeries. All of these are essentially a part of your physical well-being. It depends on how your body tackles the challenges it is put through. Nevertheless, CoRe seems to have helped them all in more or less the same manner.

The structural level of your health can be healed through physical treatment as well. Spinal manipulations (as in chiropractic practice) are one of the most common examples. For instance, if you are experiencing a back ache, it makes sense if you go in for a massage or physiotherapy. The aim is to help your muscles and bones function properly through corrective alignment of your back. In most cases, you will be able to benefit from it too. This is how the structural level of healing works.

The next level is the “Biochemical” level. As the name suggests, it implies aiming to rectify the problems through the use of chemical concoctions. The drugs and medicines that you use to achieve wholesome healing come under this category. This form of healing aims to work on the inside.

At this point, let’s take a look at an example as contributed by one of the associates. A patient had been through a prosthetic surgery of the knee. As with every surgical procedure, there is always a risk of infection and so it did happen. However, in this particular case, the infection had become so severe that they had to remove the prosthetic implant. The patient was subjected to high dose antibiotics in order to contain the infection but with little luck.

As the infection refused to respond to the medications, the doctors suggested the use of CoRe to restrict the infection. With just a month’s therapy, the patient began to show significant signs of improvement – physically as well as in the remaining three dimensions. This has completely revolutionized the modern vision regarding physical health.

The point here is that health and its constituents do not exist in seclusion. They are all interlinked intricately. One aspect has the capability of rendering the other ineffective. For instance, if you have a couple of people around you who are proficient in negative talk, any therapy that aims to make you think positively will not be able to help you. If you are consistently being put down, there are fewer chances you’ll be able to sustain your self confidence or belief that you need to make it through.

This is one reason why CoRe does not exclusively rely on informational medicine. The patient mentioned previously was not put off the medicine simply because they were receiving CoRe treatment. They continued receiving their medicine as per schedule. The only thing that did change was that they were additionally being subjected to CoRe’s informational medicine.

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Both these levels essentially relate to the physical aspect of your body. The traditional spa and wellness centers are proficiently delivering their services to offer alleviated physical health. However, most of these have also realized the importance of a holistic approach towards healing in order to yield lasting results. This has given birth to a wholly different approach to this subject. And with this, let’s move forward with the second broad topic – your “mental” health.


Mental Health

Your mental health is not really restricted to your brain health. Feeling mentally stressed or depressed has become a part and parcel of life, come what may! Everyone has it (or had it at some point in time). It is readily becoming the new normal for most people.

This does not necessarily mean it is no longer a source of concern for health and wellness professionals. This merely aims to suggest that by limiting your scope to these aspects, you fail to look at the bigger picture.

When it comes to your mental health, there are two levels to it. The first one includes the “energetic” level. At this level, the interaction of your “energy” sphere comes into play. You are a producer of energy as well as a user thereof. Besides this, you are continuously transferring energy from one form to another. For instance, your body is a conductor, heat producer, and also possesses an electric and magnetic field. Most of the processes are interlinked seamlessly which makes it impossible to identify a particular transformation in seclusion.


Energy modalities are used to correct the energetic balance of your body. Over the previous years, several efforts were made to use magnetic resonance and other similar manipulations to achieve superior mental and physical health. The use of homeopathic medicines, acupuncture and music therapy exemplified some of the attempts made by people in this field. CoRe, however, is a novel concept in this area.

Your body exhibits a certain kind of magnetic field that has been recognized by experts from all around the world. It doesn’t take any intricate procedure to understand how this sphere works. In fact, some people have found inexpensive ways to provide evidence of a magnetic field around you.

The reason why your body responds to MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) or X-Ray machines also serves as evidence for this phenomenon. It is because your body possesses these characteristics that the MRI, X-Ray and ECG technology is able to work as it does. If you try experimenting with those objects which (apparently) do not possess an electric or magnetic field, you will find out that they will be irresponsive to these technologies.

The MRI in particular aims to make use of your body’s particles and their respective “spins” or energy levels to project an internal image of your body. A few limiting factors (like your body’s hydration levels) are also taken into consideration to project the right image. It is because your body possesses this kind of energy that the MRI machine is capable of detecting it.

That resolves one part of the equation – that your body has an aura around itself. It is the complex interaction of energies from different sources that helps you feel the way you do. Your body is a producer as well as a user of this energy. The “aura” is created when you and your Eigen interacts with things in the vicinity. All through your life, you are consistently involved in this change either consciously or subconsciously!

It is believed that this “aura” or interaction of energies is not just typical of humans and other living things; non-living things interact with their surroundings in more or less the same way as we do. There was an age old concept in physics about gravitation – that every object on the face of this earth attracts each other with a certain amount of force. This amount of force is negligible which is why we don’t see notable evidence of interactions in our surroundings.

Till date, there hasn’t really been any scientific evidence to prove the existence of this relationship with non-living objects. The bigger atrocity in this case is that most notable scientific institutions are not even bothered about this phenomenon and its validity. There is ample scope of research in this field. But since there hasn’t been any official probe into this matter, it isn’t worth deliberating upon since the facts are still unclear.

The energy level of your health is the third step towards holistic health. You are at the center of a continuous exchange. But is there any way to influence this exchange for your betterment?

If you’ve been through any therapeutic remedial sessions, you will understand how this works. It is all about reciprocating a certain frequency which is standard to your body. The real challenge is to recognize the frequency that is natural to your body. This is the underlying principle with the CoRe technology.

The last and the most advanced point of mental health includes the “informational” level. It is the apex of your existence. Unfortunately, it has recently received the kind of recognition and appreciation it needs to become a wholesome remedy. Several researches are being conducted in this field to quantify the scope of this subject. To date, the results have been quite promising and are expected to revolutionize your approach to health and healing in the near future.

Informational changes in the matrix give rise to different symptoms. The informational level aims to encompass the opportunities of psychological modalities, radionic modalities, global scaling and biogeometry, and to explain the interrelated processes of each. It is well beyond the energetic level.

The informational level is extremely complex. It makes use of the most basic “knowledge” to inculcate a sense of wellness. It promotes an understanding of the fact that the physical, psychological, mental and emotional processes are in fact controlled by the informational spectrum; the latter acts as a supervisory authority, scrutinizing the work of each unit/process.

At this point, we will not talk about the mechanism that governs such a relationship or the effect it has on you. The point being made is that the informational level has the power to influence those problems that cannot be addressed with structural, biochemical or energetic modalities. In fact, diseases such as Autism, Parkinson’s disease, Bi-polar, Schizophrenia, Mood swings and other cannot be explained or treated with anything other than the informational modalities. This adequately quantifies the scope of this realm in the eyes of contemporary medicine.

Informational medicine is generically based on bits and pieces of information of any sort. All understanding of words, colors, fragrances, pictures, sounds, colors, music and ritual contributes towards your informational matrix. These are also the factors that influence your informational level. All through this book, you will come across different vantage points of approaching this topic. Stay tuned as there is a lot more that needs to come your way. Rest assured, once you’ve been through this book and have applied a handful of principles mentioned in here, you would be able to turn around your life in entirety – and for the better.

There is another important observation that is worthy of being mentioned at this point. The energetic and informational levels of your health are closely linked – so much so that they are often misunderstood to be the same. This is one of the reasons why the CoRe system cannot be categorized under a specific level. It is a hybrid and is known to influence both levels. So it is able to make a wholesome change to your life and understanding.

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Conventional Medicine

Typically, medicine is focused on the first two levels of healing – structural and biochemical levels. There was no concept of energetic level or the informational matrix. Being physically fit was considered to be the utmost level of health one could attain.

The use of drugs to inhibit certain symptoms was common. For instance, headache and other pains would almost always be corrected by using anti-pain pills. Infections would be treated by using antibiotics. And then there were anti-depressants, anti-sleeplessness pills, anti-histamine and other similar restrictive medicines. The idea was to contain a problem and resolve it, without really getting to its roots. Naturally, at times, such problems would reoccur, compelling patients to use the medicines on long term basis.


The mere presence of a disease points towards the fact that something somewhere isn’t right. It may be because of certain specific habits or a series of repetitive habits that have aggravated into such a condition. So if you are not targeting the root of the problem, you are not exactly pursuing a long lasting solution.

Most of the medicines that are available on prescription or otherwise (popularly known as over-the-counter drugs) possess a restrictive nature. These aim to control the symptoms of a problem. It acts as a cover-up strategy to disguise underlying problems as part of the apparent ones. In the long run, you are nowhere closer to holistic healing as when you started off.

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There was a patient who approached one of the finest CoRe practitioners in the region – Katherine. The individual complained about severe pain in the shoulder owing to a torn tendon. It is a pretty painful and debilitating condition which seriously hampers day to day activities. And as the patient rightly recollects, it was difficult for him to keep up with his daily routine.

The individual had been through all kinds of therapies. He had tried acupuncture, chiropractic manipulation, massage and everything else that he believed could help with the pain but to no avail. In fact, the medicines could not yield lasting results either. Naturally, when he made his way to Katherine’s office, he was utterly dismayed and hopeless. He was looking for a way out – in fact, he was looking for a permanent way out. Momentary relief had lost its charm.

The point I am trying to make is that the medicines he used did not affect the underlying cause of pain. Other forms of treatments didn’t help much either; most probably because the real cause did not lie in their realm. On the other hand, CoRe effectively helped the patient overcome his pain. Not only this, it also helped keep the pain at bay so that the patient could enjoy a normal limitless life.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the conventional form of medicine has numerous drawbacks. And it is because of these loopholes that the need for unconventional medicine developed. Drugs can impact your physical health in a number of ways, but it can do little for your internal and spiritual healing. So when the real problem lies in the third dimension, conventional medicine can do nothing to alleviate the problem.

There are innumerable cases in which CoRe has helped inculcate wholesome healing in contrast with conventional medicine. There was a 13 year old child that had developed the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The child dealt with the problems for no less than 16 months at a stretch. She had reached the point where she could no longer move without support. Her mobility was severely restricted and her mother took the brunt of her child’s miseries.

The two of them had been to a number of doctors (conventional medicine practitioners), even a couple of specialists. She was admitted to hospitals from time to time. She could no longer pursue her education because of her condition – which was another blow to her confidence. Panels of doctors observed her to diagnose her problem but they were at a total loss. The patient’s mother recalls those 16 months as the toughest time of her life.

They were continuously facing disappointment. The doctors could not diagnose. Some would even say they couldn’t help much and that the patient would simply have to learn to grow out of it. Most of them couldn’t even get close to the problem. The medicines that she was given to alleviate the symptoms didn’t help. All in all, from a medical point of view, the 16months were a total loss. They finally stumbled upon the CoRe system. And it made all the difference to their lives.

The child in question is now pursuing a normal life. She did not only make a full recovery from her medical condition but also rejoined her school. The fatigue and all other symptoms associated with it are gone. It almost seems as though the 16 months never happened. She is like other kids of her age; active, full of energy and full of life. Where conventional medicine could not yield the desired results, CoRe did.

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Conventional medicine has its fair share of shortcomings. It is not the complete solution – as a matter of fact, it probably never was. Even the modern technologies become futile in some cases. This further reinforces our belief that holistic healing is impossible without the involvement of all four levels of health. If you are focusing exclusively on structural and biochemical levels of healing, you end up with a small part of the solution. It is the energetic and informational levels that bridge the gap between your physical and mental well being.

Conventional medicine is one of the oldest forms of medical remedy. Even so, it does not quite explain why it does not yield lasting results. Informational medicine – more specifically the CoRe system – is at its initial discovery stages. The concept is novel and is being researched. We’ve just hit the first step towards wholesome recovery. You can naturally imagine what lies at the other end of this spectrum. If you are looking for holistic approach to healing, read through the next section carefully and enlighten yourself to the possibilities available to you.


Alternative Medicine

The traditional drug-based medicine has been countered with other more “natural” forms of remedy. These remedies were collectively termed as alternative medicine because they defied the basic and the most profound form of medical practice. Through the years, alternative medicine has received intense criticism from people belonging to all walks of life.

There are several different kinds of alternative medicines. The general perception that prevails in people is that it is a relatively ineffective form of remedy. It works for some people while for others it fails to yield the kind of results they wish to see. The reason why this occurs lies in the energetic and informational matrix though very few people have come to this conclusion.


Alternative forms of medicine differ from the conventional medium primarily in terms of how these are administered. The focus of alternative medicines is to inculcate healing without opting for biochemical manipulations. We’ll take each of these in turn to see how they differ from others in the same category as well as across the category (that is, the conventional medicine).

Homeopathy is one of the most popular forms of alternative medicine. It can be dated back to several centuries – it possibly has a longer history than the conventional form of medicine. Most scientific experts today regard homeopathy as a pseudo-science that is equivalent in value and function to placebos. Whether it is a viable treatment for different health problems or not is an entirely different debate.

The basic purpose of homeopathic medicines is to instigate the body’s self healing mechanism in a way that counters the problem at its roots. For instance, in contrast with conventional medicine, homeopathy is about reaching out to the problem and resolving it rather than simply eliminating the symptoms. This process is generally a little slower due to the “generic” nature of homeopathic remedies. Conventional medicine, on the other hand, involves the use of such chemical compounds which yield “targeted” results. So you are able to experience instant relief from the symptom. For most people, simply being able to work again is sufficient enough!

Homeopathic remedies do not function generically for all. Back in the 1920s when the World War I was being fought, there was a lot of bloodshed which is more or less inevitable with any form of battle. Consequently, there were an equivalent number of medical professionals at work trying to figure out ways to save the wounded men. A large proportion of these were homeopathic experts.

Through trial and error and through previous knowledge of herbal remedies, the homeopathic doctors found out that adding Calendula Officinalis to the water resources helped fight germs and other microbial outgrowths. In fact, those wards in which Calendula water was being used to wash wounds were declared germ-free. This gave birth to the idea that homeopathic medicines work generically. However, this is not the case.

Although the former remedy did work beneficially for a large number of victims, it cannot be declared that it worked for everyone. This is because homeopathic medicine works with the energetic and informational matrix. Hence its impact on different people can be quite different.

Another important homeopathic medicine discovered and used during the same time was the Argentum Nit. It was a kind of chemical concoction (based on herbal products) that was used by soldiers to overcome their fright. Obviously, it takes courage to walk into a situation that guarantees mutilation, if not death. So while soldiers battled their fears and tried to walk out on the battlefield in a group, they had to make use of such remedies to help them stand their ground.

Yet again, it cannot be said that the Argentum Nit works (or worked) generically on everyone. While it did benefit some people and made them fearless, it doesn’t really impact everyone the same way. If it did, it would simply be extremely easy to turn the people into fearless beasts. The world would have ended long ago given the kind of physical and psychological wars that have been going on since time unknown!

One viable explanation for why the homeopathic remedies worked for the soldiers the way they did is this; the soldiers were actually seeking out the benefits they received from the products. Failure was not really an option for them. It was about surviving the severest of conditions, which helped them achieve their goals. It simply had to be it – there was no other alternative

This knowledge influences the informational matrix. When you know you don’t really have any other way out, you have to make it work. The informational realm understands this urgency and acts accordingly. It pulls you out of a cyclical mode so that the remedy seems to work!

Consider this for an example; you are in a conference and there is one particular person of the opposite gender that has been particularly attractive for you. It is perfectly normal to like someone’s appearance – it is a natural human reaction to beauty

However, in the upcoming few days, if that specific person comes up to you and tries to make conversation or simply says, “I like you”, you’d definitely be surprised in a positive sense. This is because your mind had been actively involved with the emotional development. It comes as a pleasant surprise for you to know the other person mutually shares the feeling.

But, on the other hand, if it was any other person in the conference that comes up to you and try to converse, your reaction would be extremely different. For the most part, you wouldn’t be able to gauge the intention until and unless it would be explicitly expressed in front of you. Even so, there is little chance for you to feel anything – either good or bad – because your informational realm does not recognize this “revelation”. It would take a long time for you to administer what has really happened. This is how the informational matrix influences your reaction to a stimulus.

You can make such observations just about anywhere and in any situation. When there is something you genuinely and actively seek, you eventually get it. That applies to homeopathic medicine as well; if you are actively seeking a remedy to heal yourself, you will definitely get it!

This doesn’t validate that homeopathy is really a pseudoscience. The only point I am trying to make here is that homeopathy does not work for everyone in the same manner. People with similar symptoms receiving the same treatment may exhibit different responses. There is no hard and fast rule about how one homeopathic or herbal remedy would impact your body.

At this point, there is one clarification that needs to be made. The homeopathic form of medicine is not purely an informational remedy – for good reason, it is considered to be a hybrid between the energetic and informational levels. Herbal remedies and their effectiveness dwell on the efficacy of the remedy on both informational and energetic levels!

Do you know how the Bioresonance LaesEr system works? It works in more or less the same way as homeopathic medicine does. It affects the energetic and informational matrix of your body, which in turn initiates wholesome healing.

In our language, “disease” is defined as the condition in which your body gets stuck in a continuous cyclical loop. There is no beginning and no end to the phase. Your body is stuck in a diseased state, and everything that you do to eliminate the symptoms will not do much to get you out of this state.

To simplify, consider this as an example; a person is obese because s/he doesn’t work out and this further reduces the possibility of a work out because there are other complications involved. An obese person will have an extremely tough time trying to walk a mile without getting breathless. And if s/he doesn’t, it will further add to the layers of fat on his/her body. So it is a cyclical process – the end is the beginning and the beginning is the end.

Until and unless you “shock” your body out of this state, you will not be able to reach where you’d rather be. You’ll have to break the cycle, gather the courage and determination you need to make it through and walk/exercise off those extra pounds. This act of adopting a positive routine acts as a health stimulator. This is what breaks the loop. And this is how you can head off to steady recovery.

The Bioresonance LaesEr system does the same. It “shocks” your body out of the diseased phase so that real healing can be attained. It acts as a Reset – a temporary disruption that inhibits the cyclical function. And when this happens, recovery is but at an arm’s length away!

The only thing in Bioresonance LaesEr system is that it is a relatively painless way to get there. It doesn’t involve going through any tough reformative processes – like a seemingly impossible exercise routine. The Bioresonance LaesEr system yields more or less the same results by instigating a psychological reset. It primarily works on the informational matrix. So you begin to think and feel better starting from the first day of treatment.

These days, there are a couple of modern scientific theories that are circulating within the professional medicine circles. Most of the contemporary science believers are too rigid to listen to these theories or to lend them an ear – for them, such theories are nowhere in their realm. On the other hand, the modern science enthusiasts readily believe just about everything that is presented in from of them. This has given rise to a number of scams as well as real discoveries, but the latter has been ridiculously lost in the presence of the former.

It seems as though most people are looking for miracles; a magical solution to all their problems. So they end up believing anything and everything that promises to deliver internal peace and satisfaction. What they fail to see is that the “miracles” being posed as the breakthrough in medicine lacks logic as well as soundness. If we were to talk about the number of scams that are happening in and around the place, it would alter the topic this book significantly. So while it is painful to swallow the truth about different renowned personalities, it is best to get back to where we started from.

The modern innovations in the field of science – whether genuine or not – have polluted informational and energetic medicine so much so that people have absolutely lost the concept. Informational and energetic medicine is not a miracle from up above, nor is it something which makes a person superior over others. It is a technology that works through psychological treatment.

Informational and energetic medicine focuses on people instead of diseases. This is one of the most important facts that define the realm of alternative medicine. It does not work on diseases; it works on people instead. There is no generic solution to everyone’s problems; every person has to figure out the solution for their specific problems on their own.

This is why the CoRe system and the Bioresonance LaesEr system are so effective – it is tuned to every patient’s individual frequency instead of the disease. Two people cannot be administered the same treatment. And if they are, both cannot be expected to exhibit the same response.

The challenge here is that since it does not work for everyone in a generic way, there can be no generalization and hence no theories can be developed. Consequently, this realm offers a host of research opportunities for those hoping to make a lasting change to people and their lives.

For alternative medicine in general and the CoRe and Bioresonance LaesEr systems in particular, the focus of attention is not the symptoms of the diseases but rather those of the person. This also explains why alternative medicine/homeopathic medicine/informational and energetic medicine do not work generically for everyone!

Other forms of alternative medicine include Acupuncture, Music-Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). All these forms of medicine act subjectively. Their results cannot be generalized – each works differently for different people.

Alternative medicine aims to introduce the concept of informational and energy medicine – they are not the same. The CoRe system and the Bioresonance LaesEr system mentioned here can actually be categorized purely as informational and energy medicine. Alternative medicine, on the other hand, is what used to work for people before these dimensions were formally discovered. Even though alternative medicine has its root in the energetic and informational matrices, they cannot be considered synonymous with each other.

For the most part, alternative medicine is what people turn to after they’ve been disappointed with the conventional medicine. Come what may, science has not progressed to such an extent that makes it the solution for all your problems. The informational and energy medicine is what people approach when they’ve been turned down by alternative medicine as well.

The informational and energy medicine is more technological and mechanized than other forms of medicine. The next section covers this topic in ample detail. Read through carefully to find out what’s the new and happening in the world of science and healing!

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Holistic Medicine

The holistic concept in the field of medicine is considered to be distinct from alternative medicine. It upholds the concept that all aspects of a person needs to be evaluated, including physical, psychological and social and taken into account to develop an accurate perspective of a person’s health. Although, holistic medicine is not part of mainstream medical practice or research but it is a field that has acquired considerable amount of attention in recent years. For example, holistic medicine was found to be thriving in Sweden, according to a study conducted by Strandberg in 2007.


Practitioners of holistic medicine are not restricted to a particular field of medicine. For example, there has been cases were conventional medical practitioners have incorporated holistic diagnostic practices, but they are quite rare. The holistic approach is more prominently practiced by alternative medical experts and informational energy experts. Though, many professional have started adopting other approaches for the sake of medical progress and the practice is now commonly referred to as integrative medicine.

Practitioners of holistic medicine are of the belief that a person is comprised of several different interdependent and connected parts and if part of the body is not functioning at optimum levels than it will have an impact on the other parts of the body as well. This also incorporates emotional and spiritual aspects of a person’s health and if a person has imbalances in either their spiritual and emotion lives, it will have adverse affects on their overall health.

A doctor using holistic practices will usually not restrict their practices to a particular field of medicine. This means they would use conventional medication along with various alternative therapies to treat their patient, this also includes informational medicine. So in such a case, the patient won’t simply walk out of the doctor’s office with a prescription for allopathic medicine,instead the patient will undergo several examinations to determine the quality of their sleeping habits, diet, personal life, stress levels and preferred spiritual inclinations. The treatment plan usually incorporates all forms of healing, including a change of lifestyle, drugs and so on.

Through the holistic approach, the practitioner will help the patient through a variety of different treatments such as taking care through preventive measures to achieve optimum health and overall wellbeing. This may include the following:

 Physical Exercise
 Psychotherapy
 Spiritual Counseling
 Massage therapy
 Naturopathy
 Informational medicine
 Energy therapy
 Western surgical and medication procedures

Unfortunately, today, when a modern doctor examines a patient, they completely discard everything else that can or even is causing the patient to visit the doctor. Instead, they see the symptoms and correlate it a disease. This leads to the problem of only alleviating symptoms but not really getting to the core issue from where the problem is stemming.

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Informational Energy Medicine

The concept of information and energy in medicine is intricately intertwined. For the most part, it is quite challenging to identify one in seclusion from the other. Even so, let’s try to clarify the concepts behind each to help you understand this revolutionary medicine clearly.

As we’ve studied through a major part of school life; energy is the building block of life. It helps keep the machinery of your body working so that you can do the wonderful things that you do! However, what we don’t usually cover in school is that energy is almost synonymous to “change”. It brings about a change in your present status and puts you in a place where you want to be.


If your body does not have the energy it needs to function properly, it will eventually break down. In other words, energy keeps the show rolling.

In this context, information can be considered to have more or less the same personality as energy. Information is also a change initiator. It helps you progress through life and attain bigger goals. It changes your thought process, your lifestyle and you! Both energy and information exist as change-makers and have been performing this role since the beginning. Ironically, it took humans a long time to understand precisely how the change is being initiated.

Germany is quite apt at technological advancements. It has served as the foundation for renowned experts in the field of information, energy and medicine. It maintains its legacy as it continues to be ahead of the game in contrast with other countries.

Did you know that the Quantum theory, homeopathy, magnetic therapy, the concept of orgone energy, electrodermal screening, bioresonance and biophotons were all created in Germany? Renowned Nobel Prize winners like Einstein, Pauli, Schroedinger and Heisenberg took their start from Germany before their studies transformed into guiding light for the rest of the world. This substantiates the fact that Germany has served as the breeding grounds for out-of-the-box thinking and innovation.

Understandably and predictably, the concept of information and energy in healing has also emerged from the “intellectually fertile” lands of Germany. So if you are hoping to get hands on experience with the informational matrix and energy modalities, this is the place you should definitely see.

Apart from this, how do you really define energy or energetic modalities? What role do they play in health and healing? How and where was it developed? How does it impact the body and how does it differ from other forms of healing? These questions will be covered in the following few paragraphs to inculcate better understanding of the basic concepts. After all, this information will eventually help you understand other advanced concepts in a better manner.

As mentioned previously, energy is defined as change. Energetic modalities are those mediums used to bring about this change in you. There are different forms of energy that can be used to instill a healing effect in your body. These include mechanical energy, sound energy, heat energy, light energy, electricity, and magnetism. The commonality between these forms is that all of these energies act at source. For the energetic modality to be successful, distance and time are crucial limiting factors.

Energy usually has four quantifiable dimensions – the polarity, waveform, frequency and amplitude. This serves as an important tool to distinguish between energy forms and other remedies. For the most part, if it cannot be classified as energy, it most surely would be classified as information.

Exactly how energy contributes towards health and healing is a tricky question. Let’s try to attempt it nonetheless. Keep in mind that energy medicine is quite subjective. This aims to imply that there are no generic solutions to problems or diseases. Every person is unique. And the idea behind any holistic healing approach is to treat a unique diseased body instead of the disease itself. By and large, there are no disease-specific solutions. What works for someone may not work exactly the same way for another person. This is one reason why “alternative medicine” in general and the informational and energy medicine in particular are considered infinitely different from allopathic medicine.

Allopathic medicine intends to classify every person uniformly. Even in the materialistic world, we know how dissimilar people are – even those who belong to the same family and share the same (or similar) DNA code are bound to have differences. This is where allopathic medicine fails and the alternative medicine proves to be more effective.

Energy modalities are applied to your body on the problem areas. The idea is to superimpose or alter the existing pattern of energy transformations in order to rectify the error. The treatment may be administered for different time periods and may include different settings. In the end, it yields positive results for a great number of people.

As with most innovative researches, the concept of energy medicine was incubated in Germany as well. Mesmer, Reich, Morell and Popp are just a few of those who are known for their distinct discoveries and contributions to the world of energy medicine. Apart from this, a great number of other researchers made small contributions to this field in their own way. Although the number of dedicated researches in this field is low, it has nevertheless transformed this concept into what we see today!

The primary difference between energy medicine and other forms of medical remedies include the mode of administration, the underlying principles of healing and the outcomes. Energy medicine does not involve the use of medications in any form; it performs its functions at a distance. On the same note, most energy modalities cannot work from afar. The treatment and the patient need to be in the same vicinity – within proximity.

As far as informational medicine is concerned, it is infinitely different from energetic medicine (or physical energies as they’re called). From the medium of administration to the outcomes, energy medicine is an entirely different field.

However, due to the recent advancements in the field of informational medicine and due to the fact that a significant part of it is in fact borrowed from energy medicine, the line of distinction between the two has become extremely blurred.

It is like the time when Maxwell tried to exemplify the phenomenon of electromagnetism through existing knowledge about the subject. He pictured the phenomenon as a vortex of fluids or as an organized system of gears working together to perform a specific function. This was the limit of their knowledge back then and hence formed the grounds on which his theories and formulas were based. However, as further research was conducted in this field, several discoveries were made which laid the foundation for other theories and speculations. His research was eventually refuted but it did serve the purpose of guiding the pathway to the desired end.

In much the similar way, these days, people as well as scientists try to associate informational medicine with concepts from electromagnetism. You’d find most people using terms like “radiation”, “field”, “frequency” and “vibration” while trying to explain how informational medicine works. Although these tools inevitably constitute a large part of the picture, the process is quite different.

This misconception has compelled people to hope for a better and more resilient “radiation” based solution to their problems. While we don’t really know what future holds in store for us; yearning for something of this sort is undoubtedly not helping with current research dimensions.

The informational medicine aims to quantify your “aura” or the biological magnetic field that your body is encompassed in. Not only this, through signals – or radiations as most people refer to it as – the aura is altered in favor of health and fitness. It is an extremely complex procedure which can be conducted by certified professionals only. It is not easy to gauge or manipulate the dimension of your existence of which you might not really be aware of yourself.

Informational medicine solely relies on bits and pieces of information that is emitted or absorbed by your body. The medium of information exchange may be physical or metaphysical. All that matters is that it aims to rectify errors by making you aware of the problem and helping your body to align its self-healing efforts in the right direction.

The novel concept – and the one that is endorsed – is the hybrid of both energetic and informational medicine. The Inergetix CoRe System says it all in the name. It aims to maximize the outcome of a treatment by combining both energetic and informational matrices. This ensures your body is completely aligned with the desired objective. It hastens the healing process, making you feel good as you proceed through the routine.

The Inergetix CoRe System makes use of a bioresonance program along with a biofeedback loop that adjusts the “frequencies” according to the current needs of the client. The treatment is administered as per the patient’s requirement instead of the disease. Hence no two (or more) patients are administered with the same treatment – it is different for everyone according to their internal needs.

The biofeedback loop aims to measure the current statistics of the diseased person. As the treatment is conducted, the body responds to it. This translates into a change in the body’s condition. This also means that the diseased body no longer needs to be given the same treatment as before – the mode and intensity needs to change according to the new level of health determined by the biofeedback loop!

Health is dynamic. It does not work like a switch – it does not flip in under a second. It is not as though your body needs a certain level of treatment or therapy to become fit instantaneously. It is a gradual transition – from good to better and then the best! At each stage during the transition, the body’s state of health is different. This is the reason you need a dynamic mode of treatment to adjust with the changing needs of your body. This is precisely why the Inergetix CoRe System works!

To further substantiate this claim, let’s take a real life example. There was a psoriasis patient who approached us a few years back – in 2012 precisely! The disease had begun to yield signs on his back and legs. The red flesh-like marks on his body were a painful thing to see.

The patient was well in his 50s. A little probe into the story explained that he had been living with the condition for almost 6 years. The problem made him unsociable – so much so that he found solace in isolation. The disease had begun to take its toll on his personal life as well.

The condition was moderately aggravated. The lower half of his back was almost completely obscured by flesh-like protrusions. He had a couple of similar marks on his legs as well.

He was immediately introduced to the idea of Inergetix CoRe System and Informational energy medicine. The patient received his first session that day. He was advised to visit the clinic every 15 days to receive further sessions and to devise the future plan of action. He’s been through 13 sessions with the Inergetix CoRe System and has experienced amazing results. The marks have been reduced significantly – they are barely visible – and the swelling has toned down. There is minor redness that prevails which would be resolved in the upcoming sessions. The utility and flexibility of his body is back at its optimal level. Moreover, his personal life has also improved. The patient has become more sociable and enjoys mingling with people. He displays repaired confidence in himself and seems to be more satisfied with himself and the treatment now that remedy is on its way!

The Inergetix CoRe does not only alter the physical characteristics of the body towards wellness but also improves the mental and psychological aspects. His physical fitness did influence his state-of-mind but this is not the sole reason why his personality evolved. It was the informational medicine that was “injected” along with energy medicine that helped him overcome his social and emotional barriers.

The informational aspect of this remedy aims to uplift the mood and clear negative thoughts by rearranging the dynamic labile equilibrium of your body. It does not necessarily involve communicating with the person verbally but rather communicating with the Eigen in a language that it understands well. The patient can only feel better – it is not something which happens with the conscious self.

People from all walks of life have experienced phenomenal improvements by the use of Inergetix CoRe System. The main reason is because this device (or medium of treatment) is focusing on the diseased body instead of the disease itself. It has been stressed a couple of times earlier but there is a need to emphasize on it again – because that is the real beauty of this form of medicine!

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Brief History

As much as I’d love to give the credit of the invention of Inergetix and CoRe systems to my husband, it will be wrong on many levels. He is not the pioneer of Frequency Therapy even though I do believe he’s transformed the typical knowledge into something that can be easily used by everyone. He should be accredited for what he did; not for what Rife or Clark did!

So who’s Rife and Clark? This will take us almost 80 years back in history when these personalities were alive and working around the concept of Frequency Therapy. It is ironic that they were not celebrated for their achievements in their life time. They nevertheless paved the way for future advancements.

Royal Rife was a renowned scientist who lived close to a decade! Much like everyone else in this profession, he was adamant to produce something that could transform the face of science forever. His quest for innovation and knowledge took him towards unparalleled heights. His obsession with the microscope was profound. This is the reason he is well known for his contributions to microscopic science rather than to cancer cures or frequency therapy!

Rumor has it that the scientific conspirers at the time took note of Rife’s works and did all they could to inhibit his performance. They couldn’t stand the idea of another competitor in the world of scientific developments. They couldn’t tolerate Rife’s work gaining world wide exposure and appreciation. So they discouraged him greatly so much so that he eventually lost interest in cancer cures altogether.

On a personal note, my husband believes this is just another attempt to defame the authorities and hold them responsible for a failed invention. It is so much easier to blame others for something that didn’t go right. So while his frequency therapy never took off, the conspiracy theories to silence “budding hope” definitely did!

Regardless of whether the conspirers were in action or not, what they failed to do was to destroy the prototype that Rife had created. Although he didn’t intend to work anymore on this project, he nevertheless kept the equipment stowed in his basement. It sat there for almost 15 years before it was extracted by Rife to conduct his first experiment.

The person who encouraged Rife to do so was John Crane. The two distinguished individuals met at the laboratories one fine and fateful day. Rife shared his research about cancer cures among several others. The one of particular interest to Crane was about cancer cures.

He knew someone who was ailing due to this incurable disease. Desperate to grasp all possible sources of hope, Crane encouraged Rife to conduct his first experiment on his beloved. This is when the machine first came into view after being grounded for no less than 15 years.

By this time, Rife had completely given up on this invention. He did not record any documents about how the device was made. There seems to be no evidence of the fact that the device was indeed Rife’s brainchild. There is absolutely no substantiation to support the fact that the frequency therapy emerged from Rife’s works. The only thing that is known is this; Crane was the first and the only person to witness the work of this device, and lived long enough to testify this incident in front of a panel of distinguished scientists!

The experiment conducted on the ailing person surprisingly turned out to be successful. The lady was completely cured of her cancer. This was a major turning point in the life of Royal Rife but unfortunately he did not live long enough to see how he’d helped shape the future of science and medicine.

Crane, on the other hand, was quick to grasp this opportunity. Having witnessed a revolutionary transformation, he assessed great potential attached to this invention. Sadly, due to the lack of documentation on behalf of Rife, the secret recipe of the miracle was lost. This did little to restrict his passion.

In the next few years, a pilot test was conducted to see how effective the therapy was for different people. A random group of four cancer patients were selected and were given this novel therapy. While three of them showed little improvement and eventually succumbed to their medical condition, one of them recovered and survived! Despite low yield ratio, it nevertheless was an unparalleled breakthrough.

There weren’t many success stories attached with Rife’s creation. This could be the reason it was unable to receive international repute. This is where Hudson Clark rose to the opportunity and grasped it tightly!

Hudson Clark published Rife’s research and findings under her own name. In her book “The cure for all cancers”, Clark made considerable reference from Rife’s works without accrediting him for his work. The quest for fame continued till Clark herself succumbed to her cancer and died. This was sufficient evidence for the fact that Rife’s and Clark’s works were incomplete.

This is where the concept of frequency therapy developed. Through the years, numerous variations have come into play. The original concept has been altered and perfected till it became the Inergetix CoRe system.

An important observation to make about this anecdote is that the frequency therapy – as we can refer to as alternative therapy as well – did not work for all patients in the same manner. It worked for two, and did not work for three others. While most people would love to leave it up to chance and luck, it most probably has more to do with the subjective nature of this treatment.

Alternative therapies cannot be generalized across masses. They are administered to the person instead of the disease. While Rife was trying to cure cancer, he actually set in tune with his patients’ frequencies. Those who resonated got their cure; those who didn’t could not be treated. This is exactly how Inergetix CoRe system works!

To this day, the database of happy and satisfied users of the CoRe system is ever-increasing! There are millions who have benefited from this treatment. The numbers of medical practitioners who rely on the CoRe system have also increased multifold. Seeing the kind of popularity this system has received in such a short time period, you might be forced to believe much of these testimonials are untrue. However, this isn’t the case.

The testimonials come from reliable sources around the world. We’ve sold several pieces in the global market and have received phenomenal responses from users – for real! It overwhelms us to see the transformation of lives.

For the most part, the physical improvements in patients’ health can be regarded as an unintentional benefit. The sole purpose of the CoRe system is to “amplify” for body’s self-healing mechanism and to connect you with your Eigen. In doing so, you automatically experience physical and psychological betterment.

The Inergetix CoRe System manifests its impact in a number of ways. By this, we don’t mean to suggest there is simply no other way to achieve physical and spiritual exaltedness. You can find the source of your healing powers hidden in a great number of elements. The next section is dedicated to the alternatives you have and how Inergetix aims to combine them all in one remedy!

The only thing that can be said with complete surety is this; the Inergetix CoRe system is effective. It has been tried and tested by numerous entities. And it has yielded positive results for most of them. So if you are hoping to turn your life and health around in your favor, you know what you need to do!

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