The “Secret”?


I will appreciate if you can explain a bit more your statement:
“Dreams do not come true the harder you try or the more posters you put together that visualize them but the more you make space for them”.
Thanks much. Juan

Kiran’s reply :

The law of Attraction – the real “Secret” ?

Again “be open for change” as I will propose something that is contrary to one of our pet-believes.

In the bestseller “The Secret” the one and only principle they want and are selling very successfully is “The law of attraction”.

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Another allopathic best-seller .... the best after Santa Claus

In short “If you want to have something in your life you have just to make so many posters that graphically display what you want or intuit/visualize it in any other form and “the universe has no other chance but to manifest it in your life”.

Of course people buy this ! Why ? because it resonated with our childhood believe that if I really wish something enough I will get it and also most of us had parents that would cater to this believe and thus reinforce it.

When you are an adult you see it does not work this way and certainly you will buy any book that sells you “The Secret” how you still make your childhood reality come alive again.

We all know the things we want in our life relationship, a nice home Family, beautiful environment very well. We dream about a lot, probably millions of times throughout the years, mostly not very graphically and detailed but certainly in the end most of us have a very detailed picture of what we would like to have in our life. So why is it then not being manifested ?

“The Secret” is giving the explanation : We visualize as often as we think of what we want also all the forces that will probably keep us from getting what we want. So in the end it is just a recap of the old new-age believe that “Never have any negative affirmation” or “If you do not get what you want it is only your unconscious SELF-SABOTAGE that is at work.

What you see here is in another form just the age old allopathic believe “Whatever you want to cure give the opposite” lets say you don’t want to be alone anymore so you just give yourself a dose of “being in a crowd of loving people visualization”.

From many applications of this allopathic principle we know that actually “the opposite is the case”. As a consequence, as in every religion we have to find a reason why the fault is with the believer. THE SECRET tell us that if their generic remedy does not work it must be because of some unconscious SELF-SABOTAGE at work…. again we have the basics of a religion. Just like the “holistic” practitioner, convinced of his healing powers, would conclude “he probably does not want to heal, or has some energy block” , where he has no success.

There is a series of books coming from Russia that I know is much more substantial and they are all titled “Reality Transurfing” by Vadim Zeland. He discusses many concepts of this new science of the Informational Matrix which he calls the “Space of Variations”.

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Besides many oter things Vadim explains here that the way we dream/hope/desire/visualize creates “excess potential”. As we know the principle of Entropy tells us that energetic laws always tend to neutralize energetic differences/potential and in this way also reduce the available energy. When we dream/hope that something will be different it creates just like in energy-physics an accumulation of informational potential and the laws of nature will come to neutralize it as quickly and powerfully as you create it with your dreams/hopes/desires/visualizations.

This is not the result of self-sabotage but is the same principle that rain come when there was too much dryness or that make our house cool down when it is cold outside or that makes the allopathic approach fail many times.

SO WHAT IS THE REAL SECRET ….. again it is the DLE …. in short you cannot give a generic solution. Sometimes the allopathic approach does work (which here would mean to visualize the way how you want to inverse your current situation) . At other times the homeopathic is the appropriate one which could mean in the above example to visualize and meditate about your “alone-ness” so deeply until you are either comfortable with it or you have out-grown it.

Maybe you can see why this system will never become a best-seller, most just like to have ONE formula that they can apply to all situations.


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