The Shadowy Existence of Informational Medicine


The Shadowy Existence of Informational Medicine

As mentioned above there is too much fraud when it comes to informational medicine. Too many murky grounds that people are using for their own hidden agendas and these are the things that do not allow the emergence of pure energy healing and informational medicine. Pseudo scientists and experimenters are claiming that that bio field is now visible through the use of devices that they have created. Some of these include poly-contrast interface photography PIP, Kirlian photography GDV and AURA photography that comes with computerized software through which colorful blotches can be seen around a something when the body is in front of a camera.

Another kind of deceit was created by H.M. and P.F., who in their book ‘The human body field decoded’ claim that bio field can be made visible with the help of some computer software. What’s more, they also state that not only can the field be seen, but it can also be evaluated through a number generator. But this is not what is worrisome, but rather the fact that people are buying these theories. Only when you start using the system do you realize that everything promised never gets fulfilled.

When you search the web, you will discover that there are many websites who take this fake information and spread it around. Their intention is nothing more than to get good view-ability and more traffic on their page. These website are created for the sole purpose of making a fool out of all those people who are trying to find some evidence that bio field not only exits but can also be seen.



When you use aura photography setup, GDV, or PIP, and there is any object present like a book, potato or a metal dustbin in sight, the NES will show you aura photo and you will feel that is it, bio field exists. But understand this, NES is not even able to differentiate that the object placed in front of it is not a human body! Are you still willing to rely on a machine that is unable to even recognize a human being from an inanimate object?

The only reason all of this has been mentioned here is because there is a need to prove that these pseudo experts and scientists are making wrong claims. Only when true essence of information and energy medicine is revealed will it be able to prosper. We believe that for correct information to surface, there is a need for a debunking of fraud theories, ideologies and practices.

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If you have been involved in the search for the bio field or the Human Bodyfield, then you will know that everyone who has tried to distinguish it, has done so by trying to eliminate all other secondary forces or frequencies. Their aim has been to minus out as many influences as possible in order to get to the root, which means that be the auditory, human, vision or electromagnetic, every kind of energy source has been kept out.

The reason is that when science is trying to find out something in its entirety, without the influence of any secondary sources, it does so by getting rid of anything and everything which might have a say for itself. Hence, when it comes to the detection and evaluation of bio field, the same efforts have been made repeatedly.

It so happened that this process started when Galileo let go of 2 balls of various weights, form the top of the Pisa tower. What he found out was that both the balls fell down at exactly the same time. And this is where the dogma emerged. Experimental science believes that the more you reduce all secondary interactions, the more your chances of finding out the exact nature of the actual natural phenomena.

Could be possible that this ideology has started to fail and is not giving the same successful results as it once was? Is there a need to change this mindset and adopt something new? There is a possibility that the field of consciousness and energy requires some other research methodology.In the next chapter of the book, you will find out more.

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