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Mark wrote in a private message to me :

“M: Any conceptualization is a construction of a model. And one either does this consciously or by default, which would typically include unsupported assumptions, and unquestioned beliefs… My understanding is that you are actually imposing on reality a very rigid and extremely reductionist model: the “statistical” method, without presenting any critical analysis/justification. Granted, you have successful results using “statistical” method. But there is a huge leap of faith from your empirical evidence to your theoretical model. In fact, you do not seem to be even aware that you have got “a model”!”

My response :

Yes agreed “conceptualization is a construction of a Model” but I dont think to use a mathematical method like Statistics is implying a “model”….. you can add 2 and 2 without having a model about what these 2 stand for….

but you are right on a deeper level using any kind of tool of the mind like mathematics implies a certain concept for example even in this most simple example that there are countable things.

The Statistical method implies that you can make an “unbiased representative selection” and use it to make statements about the whole.

Dear Mark here is my question to you “Why do you think the statistical method would make  a “reductionist” implication?

Statics implies only that you can count and that you can make some kind of average, CoRe is even more general as that it does not follow common statistic methods but only searches for repeating pattern in a pool of data without any assumption how this data is formed in exactly the way it is…..

furthermore the repeating pattern that are found, which I call informational Resonances, dont get any interpretation, or at least don’t need any interpretation in order to be effective healing information.

So “reductionistic” means for me that you make something more simple than it is for example :

Reductionist approach to a duck

Reductionist approach to a duck

2. Question “Dear Mark what does Reductionist mean for you and how does this apply to statistics”

Insurance companies use Statistics all the time to make predictions and they dont have to assume that for example :

1. The future is fixed

2. Humans behave like sheep and thus are predictable

3. Consciousness does not exist ….. all is just a clockwork

and still there results are useful and they can make a lot of money on it plus they can be useful in making people aware on which  life-style factors possibly have an influence on important things like for example “your life expectancy”

the same is true for CoRe results…… however just like insurance results they dont give a reason why things and people are predictable.

Einstein did not like Quantum Mechanics exactly for that reason because it is basically “Statistics” and does not fit into his “Clock work” idea of the world and he said “Quantum mechanics is not a science ” WHY ? “Because it cannot make definite predictions for individuals” which is the ideal for everyone that has a “clock work” idea of creation.


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  1. Everytime when we use any language, we are using a model.
    The model is a thing that the the brain uses for understand the information that arrives from our senses (5 senses and beyond), for to make a representation of the world, for survive in this world, for think, live, make any mind construction: from a plan to buy a book to the creation of scientific theory.
    If one people say that is not using a model. Really, he/she IS using a model. The model of to not use a model.
    In wisdom science, is useful to know what model are using. When one knows this, he/she can go beyond this model, can understand what he/she is capable of to do with this model, when apply this model, when not,…
    The first (most popular) model in the science of the west born from the observations of Newton.
    Then, we know that was only a model that apply for a system, when this system have a classic behavior.
    When the sufficient technology arrives, we can observe systems having an erratic behavior in comparison with classic behavior.
    Now, wisdom science understand that the system was different, so, the last model don’t apply more to this behavior and a new model or an corrected model is needed for to explain this new behavior.
    In the time of Einstein, the western people don’t know how the brain works, and don’t know about “one model doesn’t apply beyond its own limits”.
    If you have a human brain, you use models.
    If you “close off” your consciousness mind (this part of the left brain where the language is born) (as in meditation), you are being yourself, in silent.
    If you are in silent, you close off your models.
    Your “consciousness” models.
    Because in silent you use different models, so different as was quantum mechanics for classic mechanics.
    When you are silent, you use the models that “you” (your entire system) use when you are silent.
    All medicine people: chamans, lamas, … use this.
    After the consciousness mind, you have at least 2 different levels more.
    Each, have its own models.
    I understand, as scientist, that we are trying to learn and observe this world of random processes for to can have a model of this world.
    In our company we call this “picotechnology” for to can explain to the public and common people a model that implies many new things and new behaviors not known by the western at this time.
    This name is only a model designed for to have communication with the investors.
    If we can get a map, we can drive with more security. (of course that also you must to “see the road”. But is thanks a good map, that the moon has human footprints, exist the computers and we are talking about this).
    To have models is not bad. The bad thing is to not be aware of the model that your using.
    All the best.