Underwater DLE Sunset tour


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- yesterday behind my house - when did you last visit the Zoo or botanical garden ?

Brazil is giving me such a great opportunity to be with nature – be it the wonderful  Macaws and Tucanos in Goyas, the crocodile in Pantanal, the mokey’s in Ourinhos or like here with fish and turtle under water. This feeds me informationally that I have not watched TV in month, have not heard the news in weeks, dont need a cell-phone and do not miss it a little. A war will break out and I will be the last to know – so whats the difference – I have had a life without the horror stories that so many people “Choose” as their diet every day.

To surround your self with animals is not only good for Saints like St Francis – it would be good healing for so many today.

See this movie that I have take right in front of my door :


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