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Another year is ending and I wish you a happy Christmas and NEW YEAR and most of all that this feeling of “getting presents” and of “new beginnings” is a sentiment and experience that will be with you many moments for all your life because this is what it means to BE PRESENT to feel GRATITUDE and to be ready for the next RESET.

1. Amazing results with the Infrared pads http://energetic-medicine.com/i-love-the-led-pads-kidney-stone-prostatitis-lower-back-pain-stomach-ulcer-bladder-inflammation/
2. The discoverer of the AIDS virus finds that DNA information can be transferred by electromagnetic signal http://www.informationenergymedicine-academy.com/luc-montagnier-dna-information-transfer-via-electromagnetic-radiation/
3. 4 years of artificial feeding ended with CoRe Therapy and 2 weeks of BEaMEr application http://truepowerbalance.com/autoimmune-dysautonomia-stomach-vomiting-bile-reflux-gastritis-biofeedback-miracle/#more-4545
4. Rebirth – Inspiration –Grace – Coincidence – Wonder – Miracle – the 5th Dimension http://www.hospitaller-soulspirithealing.org/rebirth-inspiration-grace-coincidence-wonder-miracle-the-5th-dimension/
5. 22-kg-weight-loss thank-you Ezio http://www.informationenergymedicine-academy.com/22-kg-weight-loss-this-year-thank-you-ezio/
6. Magnetic, TENS, Laser Acupuncture probe and stimulator http://energetic-medicine.com/tens-and-laser-acupuncture-applicator-probe-with-pulsed-magnetic-point-stimulation/


PS : CoRe software – 23 new builds in 2014 http://energetic-medicine.com/core-software-23-new-builds-in-2014/ let me know what additions you would want to see in 2015


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