Virus Infection of Liver and Heart


Virus Infection of Liver and Heart

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On my way to the CoRe 4.0 seminar at Tegernsee (August 4, 2005) I, David Snoad, received a call from a patient who told me that she had dangerous liver and heart counts and that there was suspicion of a virus infection of the liver and the heart.

Laboratory findings: GOT (heart, lung etc.) 564 normal 10 – 35 U/l

GPT (hepatitis etc.) 522 normal 10 – 35 U/l

Gamma GT (liver etc.) 54 normal < 39 U/l

The CoRe analysis on August 8, 2005 showed a viral infection of the cytomegalia virus and Epstein-Barr virus. The patient works in a hospital! The homeopathic analysis showed antimonium crudum.

I made frequency globuli according to Clark for the virus (I learned about the frequency therapy of the CoRe 4.0 during the seminar but didn’t know yet how to use it). Antimonium crudum was chosen in C 1000 potency to be taken daily; the frequency globuli 1 x 5 each, also daily.

Already on August 15, 2005 the counts decreased from 564 to 49, from 522 to 154 and from 54 to 42. The therapy was continued as well as the respective organ balancing on the balancing sector.

Laboratory findings on October 15, 2005:

GOT instead of 564 now 20

GPT instead of 522 now 19

GGT instead of 54 now 12

The patient was well again and content. Neither the general practitioner nor the cardiologist had prescribed medication and they couldn’t explain this improvement. The doctor met with his colleagues to find out about this unusual development but they could not find an explanation.

The Brothers Grimm would have said “…. And oh! I am glad that nobody knew, that the name I am called is CoRe four-point-zero!”


Kiran’s comment

As always these are coincidental beneficial results of the spiritual and informational therapy by the CoRe system. We could not possibly intend such changes nor do we believe there is any cause-and-effect relationship with these beneficial side-effects on the physical level. In this respect we have the majority of the scientific community behind us as well as the skeptics community … thank you for your support


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  1. Thanks and congrats for posting the testimonials.  A question pops up in my mind while reading the comment (which I believe is true) of Kiran.  Q:  Traditional homoeopaths believe in the cause and healing effect of the remedies…  Is the healing / curative effects of homoeopathic remedies are coincidental beneficial results with the application of remedy having no direct effect upon the result..??

    Kiran’s comment:
    Of course I also believe in Cause and Effect but luckily for us, the scientific community of today is seeing informational and spiritual intervention not as a cause but at best as a placebo so we can say all the results from CoRe therapy are coincidental …. homeopathy of course it the same… but most Homeopath dont have enough brains to use this to their advantage