Why Women Can’t Sleep


These are 3 different Models that describe major differences in Man and Woman – funny and thought provoking –

but they do not explain the main question:

“Why  are these differences actually necessary-or was it just a mistake of creation?”

Physiological Model of Male Female brain  differences :



http://inergetixforum.com/wp-content/uploads/Physiological-model-300x177.jpg 300w" sizes="(max-width: 451px) 100vw, 451px" />

Physiological Model




Hardware Model of Male Female brain :




http://inergetixforum.com/wp-content/uploads/man-woman-hardware-differences-300x183.jpg 300w" sizes="(max-width: 752px) 100vw, 752px" />

Hardware Model






Informational Model of  a Mens brain :




- all turns around ONE ball or both of his balls









Informational Model of  a womans brain :

Every one of those little blue balls is a thought about something that needs to be done, a decision or a problem that needs to be solved.


This is the funny side of a real question  :  “Why did creation program so many differences into men and women” – if things would really be ruled by the “Survival of the fittest”

a humanity so divided would have long ceased to exist and  replaced by a species that either has only one sex or where both sexes get along easier .

In the probable case that you never asked this question – you belong to the 99 % of humanity who is taking obvious contradictions without further question – but the fact that

you are on this site shows that you have a feeling “That there is more to ask and to learn than regular schools teach us”

In next weeks post I will ask and answer these questions :

1. Why do we need differences between the sexes

2. What does it mean to be male or female

3. Why has the relationship to sex such an effect on our health

4. How can CoRe help us to heal sex related dis-ease



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  1. Why did Kiran ask such questions about sex, man, woman? Aren’t we supposed to know everything about sex, love, sexuality yet? Isn’t it the main topic dominated on TV, movies, gossip magazines, occupied our minds 24/7 hours? For many centuries, humanity has experimented with sex, overused, expressed, manipulated, and suppressed it. How far we gone in our understanding of the subject? It seems there is no topic in the world about which there is more heat and less light. Why it so? Why we have a conflict, sometimes, even a war of sexes?

    Some wise couples, in attempt to resolve a conflict that arises in communication between sexes, try to understand each other. Practically, it’s impossible to understand the opposite gender, no matter how hard you try – you never walked in their shoes, and never will.  We are soooo much different.

     Sex is certainly an essence of our being – you are a woman or a man. If it is an essence of me, it resembles my consciousness, in other words who I am. But do I know who I am? Do I live in my natural skin as a women or a man? There should not be a conflict, in nature there is only harmony, if every living being lives by qualities God gave him. The fact that in our society we confuse our sex roles with our social roles doesn’t help us to resolve a conflict either – instead of pulling, we pushing each other.

    Who you are?

    Woman is LOVE. If she feels that, she can share love freely, openly – she nurtures everyone and everything around.  If she doesn’t know she is love, she demands it – nagging, low self-worth, emotionally immature, lack of passion and sex drive – she depletes herself and others, she blocks the universal love energy flow that wants self-expression through her.

    Man is FREEDOM. Few men know that and they are…free. The others get busy pursuing freedom through wellness, success, status, power and get more burdens – life doesn’t feel fulfilled yet. Their sexual organ represents power.  There is no need for power if there is no freedom.

    Woman is LIFE, FULLNESS, COLORS, SOUNDS, FEELINGS, EMOTIONS. She needs to fill up everything around her with everything what she is. Using her female “means” wisely she creates life, she is a creative life force – she expresses herself in a healthy way. If she doesn’t understand her nature, she overuses it – gossiping, pointless phone talks, addictive shopping, mood swings, nagging. She usually uses masculine power to get things moving.  When the wife gives direction and orders to her husband how to drive and where, it usually ends up with a little fight.  Woman may be lost in her overwhelming emotions, thoughts, feelings. She needs a man to direct her.  

    Man is DEATH, EMPTINESS, COMPLETION. What is after death? – Pure consciousness, the moment of now, presence.  Man is CONSCIOUSNESS. That’s how a man lives – sports, moments of achievement, risk, going to the edge, ejaculation, even addictions – it’s like dying. If man doesn’t offer these qualities to his woman, he usually gets scare of women’s emotions, or doesn’t want to deal with them, he tends to withdraw himself from communication and relationships, or he tries to “fix” a woman, to make her appeal to her “common sense”.  Woman doesn’t have common sense and she is not broken. What she needs is your loving presence – not words, not even attention – exactly this – presence, your consciousness.  Emotions come and go, that’s how she operates, don’t close down yourself, when woman goes “overboard”.

    The most important thing in life for a woman is love and her relationships.  But paradox is if her man has chosen relationships over his heart desires, his purpose, if he is settled down for less, she is not happy. She may even refuse that man.

    Because the most important thing for man is to live his life purpose. Man is miserable without knowing where he is going, without goals and directions. He turns into an annoying person – no sense of humour and zest for life, depression, addictions. If you don’t know your life purpose yet, make a life purpose to find your life purpose. Woman is there for you to encourage you, we feel with all our senses (believe us, we have more than five) whether you live your highest good. Through expression of our love, we invite you to express your full potential and take us to the direction you are going.

    The union a woman and a man is like a river where water is a woman, banks are a man.

    Woman is energy that carries information.  Man is information that directs the flow of energy. There is no conflict, only union.

    CoRe may help a man to find his life purpose, peel off the layers of his false identities to get into the core of his essence, his consciousness.  With CoRe treatment a woman may heal her wounded emotions, shame and guilt around sexuality and reveal love she is.

    Lana  Zelinsky  (I‘m not an expert and learning it the hard way, too)

    Kiran’s comment :

    I ask you “What does it mean to be man or woman” to make you possibly aware that we have only generic answers, if at all.

    …. and certainly magazines and the movies only strengthen cultural misconceptions of what it means to be man or woman… and if people feel they cannot fit these generic ideas they will get sick

    I appreciate that Lara tries to give some input but I really want to ask you :

    Woman is love ? Does this mean Man is any less love ? You define man is freedom – what about woman is she any less interested in Freedom ? The most important thing for a Man is to live his purpose. What do you think happens if this is not just as important for a woman ? Why is man anything more about consciousness or death than woman ? What has ejaculation to do with death ? and do you think addiction is something that is more male than female ?

    enough here —- this shows how confused we are about male and female —-and you tried at least but most would not be able to put down a sentence