Win-Win Project to 2014



It is just as difficult to make money as to spend it in a beneficial way. I feel that there is no better way for me to do that than to make our technology and particularly the Bioresonance-LaesEr system available to people who could not otherwise afford the treatment as for example in retirement homes and children orphanages.

Therefore if you do not own a Bioresonance-LaesEr I offer you a 70 % discount if you agree that you would arrange 12 days of free treatment over a period of 3 month, in an institution where people could not otherwise afford it, which is one day a week with at least at every 4th session by a short interview recording with the client.

To start, I would want you to write me a short proposal with a signature from the direction of the institution that you want to use, to avoid difficulties you should state that you are not offering medical treatment but exclusively spiritual help with this therapy.

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