Worlds First Hologram Movie


A very fun and affective way to train ones right-left-brain-DLE are magic-Eye pictures and

here is my answere to the 2 questions in the post :

1. Do you think it is necessary to see pictures like this cross-eyed to get an effect and if yes or no, please explain ?

No it not necessary in general…. it is only ONE technique that some people find working for them…. I for example do not need

it but I also have to get into  a particular state….. and this state again has to be one of DLE.  For example you can do something

that makes you  feel surprised, as doing a headstand while viewing the pictures, or breathing excessively or just to cross your eyes.

2. Why do you think it was just the Gypsies that invented this technique and why it is the Gypsies that are so renowned in psychic abilities ?

Gypsies were so successful in psychic abilities simply because their life was so full of DLE… no home, no regular money, no established

position in society…. and as I say DLE in your life is the requirement to access the field of variations….the informational realm…..

“TO the degree you have variations in your life, your are open to change , to that degree you have a connection to the FIELD OF VARIATIONS”

Here is the “worlds first hologram movie” a little rough yet in the transitions …. but a start…. please comment what you see

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