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Dear All

I just got this message from a good friend :

I do not dare let anyone but you and Debora know, but I had a patient who came to me and was very very ill, … now 7 sessions on the CoRe, both frequencies, plasma generator.. WELL HER MEDICAL TESTS SHOW, GREAT IMPROVEMENT…..
But you see we can not diagnose, treat or cure… I told her it is in Gods hands and this is a spiritual system… she told me she did not care if I called it a tooth brush…
We have seen great physical and medical results…

I want to add/correct only one statement “But you see we can not diagnose, treat or cure…”
Please understand that this is the old way believing this would keep you out of trouble, usually with the added remark “You better talk to a licensed health care provider before coming to me” all this would more fool the practitioner in believing this would make him save as in case that someone feels hurt or simply wants to make a living on suing will have an easy time to prove in court that you maybe said this but your actions were about curing and diagnosing you.

Please read our Vision and Mission statement and make it your own….. it needs a real quantum-change in how many people view their work….. we have to understand more deeply that actually most or probably all disease comes
from an informational or spiritual level and that it is therefor not just an excuse “That we are in fact diagnosing, treating and curing on a spiritual level ” and the only thing we have to play the game is to say that “If any
effect happens on the energetic or physical level this can only be a coincidence as we all know and science will confirm that all what we are doing is simply placebo-medicine” which means we cannot congratulate us for positive effects on the physical and energetic level but this is a small price to pay for being legally save and in fact this should be the basic
conviction of any healer …. as John of God says “I don’t heal I am just the tool for God”



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  1. Gentlepeople,

    What Kiran says is true in most of the world if we can prove we are legally diagnosing, treating and curing our clients. Proof is required.

    True we can diagnose, treat and cure spiritual disease. Being properly credentialed to do this is a good idea. The Temple of AIM provides qualified people with an AIM Licensed Spiritual Healer license accredited by the Federation of Spiritual Healer Licensing Boards.

    I personally do not know any country that does not accept such a license.

    Without proper credentialing we are at risk for being held accountable for practicing medicine, psychology or some other profession without a license — if we diagnose, treat or cure anybody of any medical, mental, emotional, psychological or physical disorder, disease or condition.

    With the proper credentials we can diagnose, treat and cure the spiritual diseases, disorders or conditions that are the cause of all our problems.

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  2. Adriana Bacelis on

    I totally agree with this… And we need to be very careful.
    In my personal opinion, we as tool’s of God, need to be humble enough to just center in our scope of competence… YES! we have a goldmine in our hands with the CoRe System. Now, what we truly need to work on is in BEING THE PRESENCE that our clients/patients need to heal in a loving way.
    We need to have in mind that what we are working with when a client/patient comes to us, is with patterns of energy and information that are causing symptoms.
    By dealing with this patterns of energy an information we are helping people to re establish the natural flow of energy that allows the mind body system to self-heal.
    So, I can say: YES, we are healers, but don’t take it personal… it is about our clients/patients, not about us.

    I just gave a Conference call on The Levels of Life and the Core Dynamics Models to be able to integrate to our practice a new scope on dealing with conflicts in consciousness…

    I’m posting the link if you want to listen to it and go through the power point and if you are interested, there is also information on the registration for the next program that starts on June 4th.

    Love and Light