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Dear Kiran

Do you know if Hadronic mechanics is the representing the informational field or the field of consciousness?

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I am educating myself to become a holistic physical-, emotional-, mental- and spiritual healer ; ) Nothing less, he he
I am trying to get a grip on the science behind the informational field and it is not easy as there are so many different vocabularies describing the same level. However, when it comes to Hadron mechanics, all i now is that it is some new form of science. I cannot categorize or locate it on any level because I lack the knowledge to  discriminate.
I have a feeling that this science is important and since CoRe is also important to me I wonder how these two systems correlate?
I have do not own the system yet, but my plan is to in the near future.
I appreciate your time Kiran!!
The information below is an attempt for me to explain to you what this is about. I am sorry that my lack of knowledge limits my presentation quality.

Abstract of latest article of an eager opponent of Hadronic science:

In this paper we introduce, apparently for the first time, the novel ‘hadronic philosophy’,

namely, the philosophy underlying the novel hadronic mechanics and chemistry, invented by

R.M. Santilli and constructed to its present level by himself along with contributions from

numerous other scientists around the world. It is stated that the emergence of hadronic

mechanics, as well as the new hadronic sciences in general, follows the usual pattern of

scientific revolutions, characterized by generalization, broadening and lifting from earlier

theories. The hadronic sciences de facto have far-reaching ontological underpinnings as well

as implications, consistent with the ontological framework established by David Bohm as well

as the differential ontology worked out by the author. The direct universality of hadronic

mechanics is consistent with a universal differential ontology, while Gödel’s theorem(s) is

argued not to hold ontological universality and truth. In differential ontology the universality

of causality is implied in the very concept of information. This follows the intuition of

Einstein, and the information flows corresponding to the new, non-trivial time categories

established by hadronic biology represent scientifically legitimate causality operators. From

the fundamental ontological attributes of the abstract category of “border”, implied in the

very category of information, it is argued that the Fibonacci algorithm is the elementary and

universal form of nature’s information processing. The generation of prime numbers is stated

as glued to the unfolding of the Fibonacci sequence. Also, it is shown by a complementary

weeding out approach that there is a pattern in the prime number sequence, as well as what

pattern this is.

Already the article or its paper lecture has been quoted in published articles by Prof. Robert

Pope (director of Science-Art Research Centre, Australia), Prof. in physics Alexander

Animalu at University of Nigeria (translated to Chinese), Prof. in medicine Erik Trell at

University of Linköping, and – quite profoundly – in the following innovative article in

biophysics authored by mathematical physicist Peter Rowlands at University of Liverpool and

biotechnologist Vanessa Hill at Royal Holloway University of London:

P. Rowlands and V. Hill: Fundamental Mathematical Structures Applied to Physics and

Biology, in Proceedings of the 27th annual meeting of the Alternative Natural Philosophy

Association (ANPA), Cambridge 2005, ed. K. Bowden, 2006.

Peace and love from Lene Lovdahl, The cold Norwegian viking up north ; )

Kiran’s Reply

This is a good example of how you can impress people….. repeat in one page the topic 6 times and mix it

with some famous names…. so there cannot be any doubt that the author talks about something significant.

The Hadron Collider in CERN the biggest and most expensive machine ever built by man.... takes about 1 year to cool down close to absolute ZERO - 273 Kelvin and is based on the naive idea that there is a smallest particle that explains EVERYTHING and that it can be found 300w, 168w" sizes="(max-width: 425px) 100vw, 425px" />

The Hadron Collider in CERN the biggest and most expensive machine ever built by man.... takes about 1 year to cool down close to absolute ZERO - 273 Kelvin and is based on the naive idea that there is a smallest particle that explains EVERYTHING and that it can be found

After Proton and Photon-mechanics, Quantum and Quark-mechanics now that they postulate an even

more fundamental particle the Hadron.

Now the best joke….. this time someone comes up with the mechanics of something

that has not even been confirmed to exist ….. Hadron-Mechanics

Few see that this is not something new but a desperate attempt to hold on to the concept of MECHANICS…. what Newton  started with

his mechanics of the celestial bodies and his idea of a CLOCKWORK-mechanics does not die out….. now the mix in the word

“Information” …. a bit …. without connection as they can feel something new is coming.

Different to all of these people who put their simple ideas in complicated mathematical language because they know then nobody

can see that their theories does not hold water ….. or put it in pseudo scientific chargo like

” We then show that the classical noncanonical counterparts of the above nonunitary deformations

are equally afflicted by corresponding problems of physical consistency. ”

I show with the simple concept of  DLE how to transform your life, how to see the common aspect in most healing modalities,

how to explain why random and coincidence are meaningful, how to perceive why coincidence-recognition is the missing link today,

how to connect to the informational matrix, how to assess the degree of sickness of a person or culture and so on and on…..

Just one more about the text above …. the other word that is repeated even SEVEN times  is “ontological” and this is certainly a new pillar of the

new science coming up.  Wikipedia as usual does not take any standpoint (which is important to be so popular) and defining :

“When one applies this ontological process to nouns such as electrons,energycontracthappinessspacetimetruthcausality,

and God, ontology becomes fundamental to many branches of philosophy.”

For me an Ontological view means to see the world not from a CAUSE & EFFECT point of view but from a EFFECT & PURPOSE/MEANING

point of view and this is truly the shift that will happen and that CoRe is the tool for …. not to find the CAUSE but to find the




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